3 ways your unit can work towards our camp skills builder this summer

Ideas for your next camp

12 June 2024

Get inspired for your unit’s next camping adventure this summer with GO Outdoors.  

Whether it’s a 2-night residential or a 2-hour camp out at your next unit meeting, camping adventures can come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s a list of things you and your unit could do as part of our programme to work towards your camp skills builder badge. 

A bit about our camp skills builder 

Did you know that across all stages of our camp skills builder, the activities have been completed over 108,000 times by members? It’s in the top 5 most popular skills builders across all age groups. And it sits in the top 3 for Brownies and Guides! 

GO Outdoors are proud to sponsor all 6 stages of our camp skills builder – and offer our members a special discount of at least 10%. Get your discount from the member benefits area of GO.

Whether you’re running a unit for Rainbows or Rangers, this skills builder helps to give girls of all ages the outdoor skills needed to pitch a tent, light a fire, cook outdoors and much more.  

There are 6 stages of our camp skills builder. We recommend: 

Here’s what our members think about it... 

‘My favourite thing to do with my unit is going on Brownie camp’ - Brownie 

‘I love the camp skills builder, as you get to camp somewhere and make a fire’ - Guide 

Camping adventures in guiding 

At Girlguiding, camping is in our DNA. It's in our badges (check out camp survivor or marshmallow toaster!), our programme, even our songs.

Whether it’s a girl going on their very first camp or feeling confident in fixing a broken tent, we created programme activities for girls to build on their outdoor skills. 

We want girls to experience the joys and fun of camping, as well as overcoming the challenges that may come with camping and stepping out of their comfort zone and into their brave space. All the activities in the Camp skills builder were trialed and tested by girls to get their seal of approval.   

Ideas for your next unit camp 

Now you know more about the camp skills builder. Here’s some ideas for your next camping adventure: 

1. Host a pitch-a-tent party 

Camping adventures look different for everyone. Instead of a weekend away, your unit might choose to have a ‘camp out’ at your unit meeting place and practice pitching a tent.  

Girls could bring their own, you can find some in charity shops or get a discount on GO Outdoors’ range of tents. 

Have a competition to see who can pitch theirs the fastest or get them to decorate the inside! 

Here are some programme activities that you could do to work towards your camp skills builders. From Rainbows through to Rangers, you can adapt them so they work best for your unit. 

Top off your pitch-a-tent party with fun background music or the girls’ favourite snacks. 

2. Plan a night under the stars 

Fancy a night among the stars? It could be on one of your planned residential trips or outside near your unit meeting place. 

Wait for it to get dark and go spotting for nighttime wildlife or learn how to start a campfire. You could even challenge girls to plan what activities they want to do themselves. Here’s a few to get you started: 

3. Have a cook off 

Ready, set... cook! Campfire cooking is lots of fun... especially in guiding! 

Whether you’re toasting marshmallows or sizzling sausages, you can get the experience of campfire cooking from anywhere. You'll need a safe location, clean equipment and information about including girls with dietary requirements.  

See who can wash up the fastest without any pots and pans. Or split your girls into groups so they make different things, then get them to swap and teach each other! 

Use the cooking activities in our camp skills builder as inspiration... 

Check out outdoor cooking equipment by GO Outdoors which will help you and girls to cook up a storm. 

Use our exclusive GO Outdoors discount 

GO Outdoors sponsor the camp skills builder because they want to support our volunteers in giving girls the confidence to have adventures.  

As a member of Girlguiding, you get an exclusive discount for purchases at GO Outdoors online or in-store. 

Whether you’re preparing for a unit camping trip or want to treat your family to something special, GO Outdoors can equip you with a range of gear so that you’re ready for your next unforgettable adventure. 

Get your discount from the member benefits area of GO.

Here’s our camp skills builder in action