What’s it like to be deputy chief guide?

Find out what it’s like to be one of our most senior volunteers

01 March 2023

On World Thinking Day 2023, Tracy Foster became Girlguiding’s new chief guide.

Now, she’s looking to build a team to support her – starting with a deputy chief guide. Tracy tells us more about the role:

What does the deputy chief guide do?

‘As deputy chief guide, you’ll support the chief guide (that’s me!) in my duties as Girlguiding’s most senior volunteer and share some of the responsibilities. You’ll become a trustee of Girlguiding and represent the voice of our members. And you’ll take part in local and national guiding events locally. Our girls and adult volunteers will see you as a role model and leader.

‘In the role, you’ll use the existing knowledge and skills that you bring with you, whilst also having the opportunity to develop plenty of new ones. This is an exciting role open to female members over the age of 18.’

Why should people apply to become deputy chief guide?

‘The role will play an important part in helping shape Girlguiding's strategy and direction. You'll work as part of the chief guide team and alongside lead volunteers, to ensure our girls and young women are at the centre of all we do.’

What’s your vision for the chief guide team?

‘The vison for the chief guide team is to empower and support our volunteers members, and to make their guiding journey as positive and as a rewarding experience we can. To do this we want to continue to work as one team with our staff teams and lead volunteers.’

‘I also want to ensure that the chief guide team is as accessible as possible - particularly to our Rangers and young leaders. We want to work closely with   Girlguiding’s youth steering group, and other young people’s panels within the organisation.’

‘Over the next 2 years we’ll be launching and embedding our exciting, refreshed brand identity. And we’ll work to ensure our members’ voices are heard during the development of the uniforms over the coming years.

What skills are useful for the deputy chief guide role?

‘There are lots of skills that would be useful – for example, excellent communication and people skills, time management and being able to encourage and empower others.  A breadth of knowledge about the structure of Girlguiding, and how to engage with the different levels will also be useful. We’re looking for a team player with experience of leadership and who can manage tasks and projects.’

Can you tell us more about how you’ll work together with the deputy chief guide?

‘The chief guide team will work together closely to achieve our aims. The deputy chief guide will be an integral member of the team, who will lead on key areas agreed together at the start of the role.’

How would you sum up the deputy chief guide role in one sentence?

‘An amazing opportunity to help in shaping the future of guiding.’

If you have any questions, email [email protected].