Our new unit meeting activity pack is here!

We’ve launched a new unit meeting activity pack to celebrate 5 years of the refreshed programme

26 July 2023

We’re celebrating 5 wonderful years of our refreshed programme which aimed to create a more girl-led experience. 

Girls get to choose how they want to earn badges and complete skills builders, putting their voices and guiding experience at the heart of the programme. To mark this exciting time, we’ve launched a brand-new unit meeting activity pack for girls to learn about themselves, explore new interests and gain unique skills. It will be the last activity pack for a while. 

What’s inside the new unit meeting activity pack? 

This pack looks slightly different than usual. There are just 2 topics across all 6 themes: musical me and animal allsorts. 

Both topics contain exciting activities around the same 6 themes: know myself, express myself, be well, have adventures, take action and skills for my future. As a leader, you can follow the activities step-by-step or adapt them to meet your unit’s needs. 

Why are the topics and themes different in this activity pack? 

Girls have told us that they want programme activities about animals and music. When we were thinking about which theme they should sit under, we thought they worked for all of them! We wanted to explore how this pack could be a little different. Music and animals are a huge part of our lives in many ways, from protecting animals to discovering new types of music. Each pack has 12 new animal and music-themed activities that still cover the 6 themes. The topics may look different, but we hope this activity pack gives girls even more of what they love. 

Were young members consulted? 

We know how important it is for  girls and adult members to shape our programme. We made sure that the voices of our young members were heard in the creation of our latest pack to meet the needs of their favourite topics and activity styles. 

This pack was tested with 8,415 girls and the original ideas for topics and activities came from our Girls Attitudes Survey and direct consultation with girls to make sure they had their say. 

Where can I get unit meeting activity pack 11? 

Pick up the latest activity pack via the Girlguiding shop here.  

We’re proud to work with the Bat Conservation Trust on creating an animal-related activity that reflects our young members’ love for wildlife! Unfortunately due to a printing error, the Bat Conservation Trust's logo is missing on the Echo, echo, echo, Rainbow activity card but you can digitally download the correct version via the Girlguiding shop.

This will be the last unit meeting activity pack for a while, as later this year we’ll be talking and listening to girls about their experiences of our programme. We’ll also be asking volunteers about their experiences of planning and delivering the programme. 

Will there be any more unit meeting activities 

You can look out for new free unit meeting activities for all sections later this year on the Girlguiding website.

How can I get involved in sharing my experience? 

We’re always committed to reviewing the programme to ensure it continues to meet our members’ needs and improve girls’ experiences in guiding. It’s important to us that volunteers feel empowered to deliver activities, as well as girls feeling inspired to get involved. 

We’ve made 2 surveys – 1 for volunteers and another for parents and girls - so that everyone’s voice is heard. To have your say, fill out the survey that's relevant to you before 30 October 2023.

Take part in the survey as a volunteer. 

Take part in the survey as a parent, carer and/or young member.