Key Girlguiding dates for parents and carers 2024

Stay up to date with your child’s Girlguiding calendar

18 January 2024

Do you want to stay up to date with what’s on the Girlguiding calendar? 

Here are some key dates to help you feel in-the-know about your child’s Girlguiding journey. Remember, every unit is different. So for outings or adventures specific to your unit, contact the volunteer who leads your local unit. 


Your child’s unit is likely to follow the same dates as their school’s term time. It might start around the same time as the school term or a bit later. 

Be sure to check with your unit leader when they’re planning to go back so you have enough time to get prepared, like buying any new uniform. 


World Thinking Day (22 February) 

Girlguiding celebrates World Thinking Day every year as part of WAGGGS. WAGGGS is the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts that brings people in guiding together from across the world. 

World Thinking Day’s theme in 2024 will explore important issues like environmental sustainability, gender equality, peace, and poverty. Your girl’s unit might have something planned for this special day. Or you could celebrate with them by helping them to earn an environmental interest badge at home. 


World Book Day (7 March) 

The mission of World Book Day is to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own. 

Do you know if your child will be dressing up with their school or Girlguiding unit for World Book Day? Find out in advance so you can be prepared.  

Here are some strong female characters you child could be inspired by! 


Look out for Amplify opportunities 

In April, we’ll be recruiting new members of Amplify, our youth steering group for young members aged 12 to 18. They give feedback on the work we’re doing and make sure girls’ voices are heard and consulted at Girlguiding HQ.  

Your child could be a perfect fit! It’s brilliant experience to add to their CV. 

Meet our current members of Amplify. 


Mental health awareness week (13-30 May)

Our 15th Girls’ Attitudes Survey tells us 89% of girls and young women aged 7-21 feel generally worried and anxious. That’s 11% more than in 2016. Keeping girls safe is at the heart of everything we do in Girlguiding. That includes keeping girls happy and having fun with their unit.

See how we keep your child safe.


Volunteers’ week (1-7 June) 

Remember, all the people involved in organising and running your unit are volunteers. This is a chance for you to say thank you to them! Give them a big shout out, send them a card or even lend a helping hand for one night this term. 

You can help twice per term before you need to register to become a volunteer. 

The Big Help Out (7-9 June) 

The Big Help Out is back for 2024! Ready to roll up your sleeves and help the community? Take part in the weekend that promotes volunteering opportunities and meeting new people locally. 

You could tag along to your child’s unit meeting, help the leaders out on a trip. 

See what we did for The Big Help Out in 2023. 


Summer holidays 

You can expect most school holidays to begin towards the end of July or earlier in Scotland or Northern Ireland. That means your local unit is likely to take a break for the summer!  

There are some exceptions. For example, if your child is part of a holiday unit, they might be attending guiding throughout July and August too. 

Or your child’s unit might be planning a residential adventure like a camp or pack holiday. Find out more information from your unit leader. 


A-level results day

Students in Scotland can expect to receive their SQA results on 6 August. Students in Northern Ireland will get their results on 20 August.

A-level results day in England and Wales will be 15 August. Some units like to encourage Rangers to complete the self-care badge around this time, which you can also help them to do at home. 

GCSE results day 

GCSE exams results day will take place in August too.  

We have lots of activities to help girls cope with study stress. You could encourage them to complete a n interest badge alongside their studies to help reduce any exam worries, like our meditation badge for Guides. 

Read tips from girls who are studying for their exams.  


New guiding term  

The new guiding term will start in September around the same time schools go back. Some units across the UK might go back sooner.

Does your child have everything they need for a new term at Girlguiding? We’ve made a list for you, so you don’t miss a thing. 

Check out our new guiding term checklist. 

Look out for advocate panel opportunities 

In September, your child could apply to join our advocate panel. Our advocates influence the direction of Girlguiding’s advocacy and seek change to improve all girls’ lives. 

We welcome all members aged 14 to 25, including volunteers aged 18-25, to join the panelSuccessful applicants will start in January 2025 and their term will last 2 years. 

As an advocate, your child could have the chance to network with politicians, take on public speaking challenges and even feature in the press for the work they do. 

Meet our current advocates.   


Black History Month 

At Girlguiding, our commitment to recognising Black history reaches beyond this month. We have a range of activities in collaboration with The Black Curriculum that girls can complete with their unit. 

Here are some of the activities your child might do for Black History Month. 

International Day of the Girl (11 October) 

This is a day recognised globally that empowers girls and amplifies their voices. That’s what we aim to do all the time at Girlguiding so we celebrate it every year.  

Could you offer an hour of your time with your local unit to share something that will empower girls? It could be a skill you use for your job or a fun activity you do with your child at home.  

Learn about the different ways you could volunteer. 


Remembrance Sunday (10 November) 

This is traditionally marked on 11 November or the nearest Sunday to this date. Some units will choose to commemorate the day with some special activities. You could do some of them at home with your child.  

Keep an eye out for our special 2024 remembrance badge in collaboration with the Royal British Legion.  


Your local Girlguiding unit will usually close for the year mid-December, around the same time as schools.  

Take this opportunity to reflect on the past year with your child, complete any interest badges or share their favourite Girlguiding moment of 2024! 

Here’s how your child can complete interest badges at home.