New guiding term checklist

Does your child have everything they need for more fun, learning and adventure with Girlguiding?

21 August 2023

Whether your child is ready for a new uniform or they’re moving up a section, your checklist for a new term with Girlguiding starts here. 

Does your child have everything they need for more fun, learning and adventure with Girlguiding? Read this checklist for an essential guide to getting them ready for the new term. 

If you’re brand new to Girlguiding 

If you’re a parent who is new to guiding, check out our parent and carer’s guide to GO to get signed in for the first time. There are plenty of resources to help you begin your Girlguiding journey, including more information about how our volunteers' run units and keep your child safe. 

Is your child moving up a section? 

If your child is moving up a section, your current leader will be in contact with you. Or if you’re moving to a new area, be sure to let your current unit know. Since each unit operates slightly differently, these aren’t always changes that happen instantly.  

While you wait for your child to be registered with a new unit, you can use this opportunity to organise a new guiding uniform or buy her another badge book to celebrate this exciting change! 

1. Update your details in GO  

The first thing to do before the new term starts is to log into GO, our membership system for girls and volunteers, and update your child’s details. It’s important that our volunteers have your updated personal details so that they can share relevant news and keep your child safe.  

Make sure you have the following information filled out correctly:  

  • Email address.
  • Address.
  • Telephone number.  
  • Your emergency contact.  
  • Check that you’ve got the right photo permissions ticked.

Don’t forget to let us know of any other important updates too. For example if your child has allergies or a health condition, add this to your GO account and let the leader know. They’ll have a chat with you to find out how the unit can help your child to make sure they get the most out of guiding.

The same goes for any additional accessibility needs that will make your child comfortable.

You should also let your leader know if there's a change in who will be dropping off or picking up your child.

Find more guidance to using GO.   

2. Grab new uniform for your child

If you’re returning to guiding after a break, now is the perfect time to pick up a new uniform for your child. From the recognisable Rainbow polo shirts to our badge-a-licious Brownie sashes, you can grab everything you need to make sure your child feels excited to start the new term. 

Don’t forget, they may have outgrown their old uniform so you can use our handy size guide to help. We’re proud to say that 100% of profits stay within guiding and all of our products are ethically sourced.  

3. Check out your local volunteer shops 

Looking for a way to support guiding on a local level? Or maybe you’d prefer to pick up some second-hand uniform pieces instead? Find your local volunteer shop from one of over 800 across the UK and you can do exactly that!  

4. Learn more about our programme 

We offer a safe, girl-only space in which your child can build confidence, learn new skills and discover who they want to be. We’ve got an action-packed programme with something for every girl, from camping and construction to blogging and baking.   

Together, you can think about where your child might start! Use our badge finder to explore what interest badge they’ll tackle first at home. At their unit, they’ll try new things and have fun in a group by doing unit meeting activities and skills builders.  

5. Take a look at our key 2024 dates

Do you want to stay up to date with what's on the Girlguiding calendar? We've put together a list of key dates for parents and carers for 2024. It includes when you can expect to see exciting opportunities for your child throughout the year.

Key Girlguiding dates for parents and carers 2024.