Amplify: why should you join our youth steering group?

Chloé, Lily, Maisie, Molly and Sophie share their experiences as part of Girlguiding’s youth steering group

24 April 2024

Amplify is Girlguiding’s youth steering group, made up of 30 girls, aged 12-18, from across the UK. They help Girlguiding make decisions so we can become even more girl-led: an organisation for girls, by girls.

There are many reasons why we believe you should apply to be a member of Amplify, but let's hear it from some of the current members themselves!

We spoke to Chloé, Lily, Maisie, Molly and Sophie about their experiences as part of Girlguiding’s youth steering group - from applications to inductions, and why you should apply to join them.

Taking the first steps - applying

Lily first heard about Amplify in May last year, and ‘jumped at the chance to apply.'

'I hoped to be able to give back to an organisation that had helped me in so many ways!’ - Lily

She wanted to contribute to vital projects and have her say in major decisions affecting hundreds of thousands of girls - ‘I was thrilled to be accepted and be offered this fantastic opportunity.'

Molly found out about Amplify about 2 years ago while scrolling on Facebook. ‘I applied because why not? An hour and a half a month couldn’t be that bad, right?’ She completely forgot she had applied until she received an email letting her know she’d been selected.

‘Little did I know this would be an opportunity that would change my life!’ - Molly

It was a similar feeling for Maisie. ‘I was so surprised to be offered a place on Amplify, I had forgotten that I’d even applied!’

Joining the team - inductions

Meeting new people and travelling far from home can be intimidating for some. When Sophie joined Amplify in 2023, she was 12 years old, which made her the youngest member at the time! She joined the induction weekend in August where she met the leaders, new recruits and returning members.

Sophie lives in Northern Ireland, and the thought of travelling to England on her own was a bit daunting. She was able to bring a family member on the plane with her and was met by a chaperone at the airport in England who escorted her to the induction to join everyone. ‘When we got there I was shown to my bedroom, and although initially I was quite nervous, almost immediately I made friends with the other girls in my room!’

‘I remember our first meeting, the online induction', says Maisie, 'where we had all been sent a welcome pack and badges. I remember thinking that this was so much bigger than I’d expected or anticipated!’

Maisie joined her second year induction in 2023 after a weeklong DofE expedition. Seeing everyone again gave her a boost in energy she says she desperately needed.

'It was another weekend of laughter and learning new things! Our buddy system for first years made the group feel really cohesive and welcoming, it was great to see a new group dynamic form’. - Maisie

Getting stuck in - the opportunities are endless

Molly and Maisie’s first in-person meeting was at ICANDO in London for the operational delivery group [Girlguiding's senior stakeholders] meeting in November 2022. They loved seeing everyone for the first time. They giggled, ate mystery pizzas and tried a new UMA for Rangers, secret octopus. Maisie felt ‘it was so empowering to run activities with them, and introduce ourselves as Amplify’. She came away from that weekend feeling ‘like our voices had been listened to and clutching 12 badges!’ she tells us.

Amplify for the rest of the year went from strength to strength, according to the girls, Maisie and Molly were invited to King Charles’ coronation as young member representatives of Girlguiding along with other members of Amplify and our advocate panel.

‘Amplify has provided me with wonderful opportunities to connect with others and express myself’ - Sophie

Through being part of Girlguiding’s youth steering group she’s been able to share her thoughts on things she cares about, with people who can make a difference in Girlguiding. She’s been involved in environmental projects and making sure girls voices are heard when leaders consider making changes to the programme - ‘It’s been exciting to be part of shaping how Girlguiding might look in the future!’

Some of the members, like Lily, have also attended interview panels for HQ staff, which she’s really enjoyed - ‘I really feel heard and know my feedback is valued and considered when the role is appointed. The interviews usually only take an hour or 2, and are online so it’s super easy and accessible to all members. I’ve been part of the panel for some really important roles, such as adventure lead and assistant chief guide!’

Big wins all around - what have they gained from the experience?

Everyone’s experience as members of our youth steering group will be different. For many, being part of it has helped them grow their confidence. This is the case for Chloé and Sophie. Chloe’s Amplify journey has helped her become more confident when talking to new people, and sharing her ideas.

‘As someone who’s struggled with confidence in the past, this whole experience has been absolutely incredible, and I cannot wait for my second year!’ - Chloé

For Sophie, the supportive and friendly people she’s met, have helped her become a more confident speaker.

‘Thanks to Amplify, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and done things I never thought I would do. I am very grateful for the experiences it has provided me with and really hope I can be part of it for another year!’ - Sophie

Maisie’s biggest advice to anyone thinking about joining Amplify is ‘to grab opportunities with both hands, you'll become friends with everyone as everyone is so nice. They want to hear your voice so much, this quacky group can give you so many opportunities!’

Molly’s wise words to anyone considering applying are ‘to just be yourself and give the application to go. There's no harm in applying, this group is one of the best you could get into!’

We’d love to hear from you, if you're ready to take the next steps you can find more information on how to apply on our opportunities page!