Anna McNuff visits Sheffield

What was it like when Anna McNuff visited Sheffield county as part of her barefoot run around Britain?

Stevie, Girlguiding digital team
18 September 2019

As Anna McNuff is making her way around the country barefoot, she is visiting units along the way. We spoke to Samantha, PR Advisor for Sheffield County, about what it was like when Anna came to visit them.

When did Anna visit?

Anna visited Sheffield county on Monday 19 August and we waved her off on Wednesday 21 August, when she was filmed by ITN news. Arranging the visit was really easy. I emailed and Abby responded very quickly with details of when Anna would be passing through Sheffield. All I needed to do was let Abby know where and when Anna needed to be. The biggest challenge for the event team and I was organising something for a weekday in the middle of the summer holidays!

I loved acting out being Anna crossing the river in New Zealand. I liked Anna's scorpion story and her story about Grandma Betty too – Lydia, 6, Rainbow

What games did you play while Anna was there?

We chose to have an activity afternoon before Anna arrived, all feet themed of course! We made foot scrub, had a sensory walk through things like jelly, cornflour, water beads, cornflakes, artificial grass, and bubble wrap! We also made anklets, sock animals, and decorated feet shaped biscuits and slippers made from brioche! Anna asked lots of questions about what we’d been up to and took part in the sensory walk herself!

What was the best thing about having Anna visit your unit?

Personally, I loved seeing a group of girls, Rainbows through to Rangers and leaders, most who had never met before, all together having a great afternoon and being inspired by Anna. Anna finished an 18-mile run at our HQ and never stopped talking to the girls from the minute she arrived to the minute she left. The girls sat through Anna’s talk completely engrossed in every word and asked some brilliant questions. I felt empowered knowing they were being inspired before my eyes! Anna inspired the youngest (age six) to the oldest volunteers with her tales of adventure and ‘just one more mile’ determination. I felt a great sense of achievement hearing the thanks and tales of inspiration that I received after the event.

I thought Anna was brilliant and very funny. I enjoyed listening to her talk about her adventures and I would like to go out adventuring like her – Martha, 10, Guide

One of our Future Girl themes is Adventurers. How do you think Anna inspires girls to feel able to have adventures?

Anna tells girls first-hand of her adventures, her inspirations, her challenges and how she overcomes them in an open and honest way. She explains that challenges are different for everyone, and what might be a challenge to one person is something totally bonkers to another (Barefoot Britain being a prime example!). Anna leaves everyone with a sense of permission to have adventures and to seek personal challenges.

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