Introducing our monthly quiet adventure series

We know that adventure looks different for each girl and leader and want to celebrate adventure in all its forms

10 July 2024

At Girlguiding our definition of adventure is something that enables girls and leaders to move into a space where they feel brave and have fun.

Adventures that are driven by curiosity or a desire to explore the world around us. What challenges and builds confidence in 1 person will be different to another. 

What is quiet adventure?

Sometimes it's easy to think that all adventures need to be high-energy or involve physical challenges like climbing walls or zip wires. But an adventure can be quieter, it can also be something simple, like a bug hunt in the garden or paddling in a river.

Quiet adventures are for people who are interested in exploring their environment and developing themselves in ways that could be gentler or closer to home.

That's why we'll be showcasing lots of different ways girls are enjoying affordable or accessible adventures. 

As a volunteer, it’s also something you can do with little to no paperwork. You can just get up and go! 

Showcasing your quiet adventures

Each month, we will...

  • Look at activities that help girls feel adventurous and build confidence in a milder way.
  • Hear from volunteers about their tips on leading quiet adventures.
  • Share stories and experiences of the amazing girls who have been on them.
  • Give you inspiration for fully accessible adventures and how to celebrate adventure in a gentle and quiet way. 

Come back here next month for more!

Here are some activities to try

To start off, take a look at these blogs for some quieter summer activity inspiration.

Whether it’s making and raising a Pride flag with your girls to get their height badge, or a virtual pond dipping session in a garden for the water badge, there’s plenty of ideas to get you adventuring this summer: 

  • Activities to celebrate Pride without going to a parade - there are so many ways to celebrate Pride, even if you live far away from any Pride parades or don’t enjoy crowds and noise. From flying a flag to show allyship, to learning about the heroines and heroes in the history of LGBTQ+ activism, check out our activity ideas.
  • Ways to bring the outside in - rainy day? Not feeling well? Can’t make it to a unit meeting? No problem. These activity ideas will help you enjoy all the magic of nature without the wet feet! 
  • 9 new outdoor activities to try this summer - These fun activities will help you to get outside and explore this summer, whether in your local park, garden, balcony or any other place where you can enjoy nature and fresh air.  

We can't wait to see what you get up to.