9 new things to try outdoors this summer

Summer is a great time to get outside and explore, so we thought we’d suggest a few fun activities to get you started

23 July 2019

Originally published July 2019. Updated: 20 June 2024

You don't have to go far to get outdoors - it could be your local park, your garden, a balcony, or anywhere else where you can enjoy nature and fresh air.

These fun activities will help you to get outside and explore during the summer holidays, wherever you are. If you try any of these out then please feel free to tell us about it on our Twitter or Facebook - we love seeing your activities, and you may inspire other girls to get involved!

1. Stargaze in your garden

Sometimes the greatest memories can be made right in your own garden. One night, why not wait until it’s completely dark and then look up and see how many stars you can count? Bring out some cushions and get comfy – don’t forget the hot cocoa!

2. Play a game of footie

The Women’s World Cup may be over until 2027, but the passion the Lionesses have inspired is here to stay. Why not try practising some keepie-uppies or having a kick about against a wall? If there's a sunny day, you could organise a game with some friends – best get slicing those oranges now!

4. Start an appreciation journal

When you’re having fun, life can speed by. One way to take a breather is to keep an appreciation journal. It’s simple – once a day you both write down something you were grateful for that day. It could be having fun with a friend, eating some tasty food, or going on a nice walk. At the end, read through your entries together and remember what an awesome summer it was.

5. Geocaching

Want to join the world’s biggest treasure hunt? Use coordinates found on their website to search for hidden caches in your local area. Alternatively, why not make your own for others to find? As a bonus, Guides can gain their Geocaching interest badge.

6. Create your own ice lollies

Making your own ice lollies is so easy, you’ll wonder why you’ve not been doing it every summer. All you need to do is mix water or lemonade with something fruity – cordial or pureed fruit is perfect – and then pour them into some ice lolly moulds, and into the freezer! Why not try coming up with recipes together, and trying out different combinations? If you’re feeling brave, you could host a taste test with friends or family and see who makes the tastiest ice lollies! 

7. Plan a photo scavenger hunt

This activity gets everyone outside and wandering while keeping it competitive! To plan a photo scavenger hunt, you’ll need to make up a list of things to take pictures of – some examples are photos of three different colours of cars, someone walking a dog, and the tallest tree you can find. At the end of the hunt, count how many photos you each achieved and declare the winner!

8. Press flowers

Pick the prettiest flowers you can find together, and then pop them on some paper between the pages of the heaviest book you have. Leave them for one month, and then you can use them to make a collage or frame on the wall. They also make great gifts!

9. Challenge yourself

For more outdoor activity ideas and challenges, check out our Adventures at home hub. There are plenty of activities for girls to do at home during the summer holidays, as well as with their unit.

Here are a few challenge ideas to get you started: