Google's digital adventure at Brownies

Three women from Google met the 30th Westminster Brownies for a digital adventure!

12 December 2019

This summer, three women who work in tech at Google, visited the 30th Westminster Brownies to run the Google digital adventure – an activity that Google designed themselves. 

Designing robots

With all the new knowledge the girls had gained, they set off designing their very own robots with a key function or purpose in mind. Then they created 3D models using of a variety of materials such as card, loo rolls, scrap materials and resources to decorate them with. A whole range of robots was created – from one which can kick a ball, to one that can clean the girls’ bedrooms!

The activity was a resounding success, with one Brownie saying “this is the best Brownies ever! We should have Google and glitter at every Brownies!” 

Coding and robots

It’s like a set of instructions, right? - Brownie

Part of the digital adventure activity is to write instructions so a robot can complete a task. The Googlers explained that without instructions, a robot wouldn’t know what to do and all sorts of chaos could ensue! So the girls had to be specific with their instructions.

Then in groups, with one girl playing a robot, the others tested out their instructions. One group had written instructions on how to brush your teeth but hadn’t included that you should use your hands. So, when they tested this out, they soon found their robot trying to use their feet to do the task! A good reminder that code needs to be specific.

I didn’t do coding at school, so it’s great girls have access to these skills now. I’d feel confident delivering this activity even though I have no knowledge of coding - Unit Leader

Google’s digital adventure

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