Create a recycling superhero in our Daisy competition

Calling all Rainbows - see your superhero become a cartoon character

11 October 2023

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Daisy Corporate Services on this amazing competition for Rainbows.

The winning recycling superhero will be turned into a cartoon character. Runners up will receive goody bags from Daisy.

How to enter

  • You can either draw your recycling superhero, make it out of recycled materials or dress a doll or teddy.
  • Think about what they’ll be wearing.
  • What’s their superpower? How do they help people to recycle and save the planet?
  • How do they turn into this superhero?
  • What job would they do during the day when they’re not saving the planet?
  • How does the superhero know they need to help people recycle and save the planet?
  • What do they say when they’re about to use their super power?

Once you’ve designed your recycling superhero, ask a parent or carer to take a photograph and email it to [email protected]. Please ask them to include your name, age and Rainbow unit in the email. And remind them to share all about your superhero, including all the things above.

The deadline for entering is 13 November 2023. And we’ll be announcing the winners in January 2024. So start designing your superhero now. Don’t forget to check out the terms and conditions.

Did you know?

Designing a recycling superhero is part of the Rainbow recycling badge. Once you’ve entered, don’t forget to show your leader your design.

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