Your friendships in guiding

You gave your best friends in guiding a big shout out!

06 February 2024

Girls in Girlguiding are up to 23% more confident than the UK average.

And Girlguiding volunteers' happiness is 5 times higher than those who volunteer at least once a month elsewhere. 

We know how important the friendships you make are in guiding. So we want to give them a big shout out! To celebrate Galentine's Day on 13 February, we asked you on our social media channels to tell us about the friendships you've made thanks to guiding.

From meeting your bestfriend in Brownies or volunteering with a unit, take a look at our members creating special memories together over the years. 

Memories for a lifetime

Girlguiding brought 2 leaders together from across the UK and now they're celebrating 27 years of friendship!


Esme shares snaps of her fun memories with her friends:

From Brownies to bridesmaids

Brownies is the beginning of so many friendships. Some of you told us that they even went on to join your wedding party as bridesmaids! Caroline, who was a Brownie, Guide and leader at Girlguiding, reflects on this picture from her special day.


'2 of my bridesmaids - I was a Brownie with one and a Guide, Ranger and leader with the other. We still talk about pack holidays and camps. 35 and 21 years of friendship with each of them!

And my sister who I was a leader with. We both went Brownies and Guides and were leaders. You can tell we’re in Girlguiding from this picture I thought! Team work and [it was] a mission to do up my dress! ❤️' -Caroline

Advocates and adventures

Phoebe, who used to be a member of our advocate panel, shared this lovely photo of her and her friend, Francoise:

'Francoise and I met when we joined the advocate panel together in 2019 - we clicked instantly and have been friends ever since! From speaking at Westminster for Safer Internet Day to enjoying our Advocate weekends in London, our latest adventure has been a trip to Thailand together. We know there will be many more trips to come in the future!' - Phoebe

Another young member, Ellie, shared these pictures from an international trip to Serbia:


‘I have made so many friends through Girlguiding, including the 15 amazing young people I met through a Midlands International Trip to Serbia who are all friends for life. Getting to know incredible people I wouldn’t get to meet without Girlguiding is a privilege!’ - Ellie 


Eloise, a young member in the Midlands, is grateful to her leaders for the friends she's made.

'Me and my friends met at a Rangers camp arranged by my leader last year. Without Girlguiding I wouldn’t have met these wonderful girls and have awesome opportunities. I'm always grateful for my leaders and my friends.' - Eloise

Finding friendship through volunteering

Our volunteers find joy in watching girls make friends and grow in confidence. Through their hard work and joint mission to help all girls know they can do anything, our volunteers create their own friendships too.

'I met my very best friend in the world through volunteering as a leader with Girlguiding Chatteris District. Lottie is more than just a friend: she is my world, my sister and the other half of my soul.' - Kirsty

Could your next friendship be found in Girlguiding? Find out more about becoming a volunteer.