At Girlguiding, Black lives matter

Our chair of the Board of Trustees, Catherine Irwin, chief guide, Amanda Medler, and CEO, Angela Salt OBE, say Black lives matter

03 June 2020

A message from Chair of the Board of Trustees, Catherine Irwin, Chief Guide, Amanda Medler, and CEO, Angela Salt OBE.

As leaders of Girlguiding, we stand together as a movement against racism.

Being inclusive is a core value of Girlguiding and racism has no part in our community or society. But it’s not enough to not be racist, we must be anti-racist.

So we want to publicly support and stand in solidarity with our Black girls, Black volunteers, Black staff, Black parents and carers, and all Black people. Black lives matter.

We are seeing a wave of outrage and sorrow at the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25 May, and others before him. Our thoughts are with his family and every person who has been impacted by this injustice.

Throughout our existence as a movement, Girlguiding has been built on values of inclusion, empowerment and caring for others. Together, as the Chair, Chief Guide and CEO at Girlguiding we are proud of everyone who strives to make Girlguiding inclusive and welcoming.

But we know we don’t always get this right. We know we need to do more, and we’re committed to keep listening and keep learning. Always upholding The Promise, to help others, and be an active citizen in our community and the wider world.

Thank you to everyone in our guiding community who has and continues to stand up to racism. Know that we are standing with you.


Catherine Irwin, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Amanda Medler, Chief Guide
Angela Salt OBE, CEO