How Girlguiding celebrated the King's Coronation

From tea parties in units to volunteering in London, we welcomed Charles III as King

17 May 2023

We had so much fun celebrating the King's Coronation at the beginning of May.

From taking part in The Big Help Out to holding a unit party, volunteering in London to renewing our promise, Girlguiding members had a great time welcoming our new King.

Helping at the Coronation

135 volunteers from across all 10 Girlguiding countries and regions volunteered at the Coronation.

'I was one of the team leaders in Hyde Park with the big screens,' says Anna, a Brownie and Guide leader, and district commissioner from east Yorkshire.

'We directed people, let them know how to get home, litter picked and generally helped people with what they needed to know. I also handed out so many flags I lost count! I’ve never been so popular as when I had a bunch in my hand!'

'Everyone was really positive - despite the rain! There were people from all over the world and everyone was really friendly and happy to be there. Lots of people had been there since 7am to stake a good spot in front of the screens with gazebos, tables and inflatable chairs aplenty. Some of the outfits were really intricate too - one man from France had covered himself in mirrors! It was really amazing to be surrounded by so many people all experiencing the same thing.

'The highlight of the day is a toss up between meeting the amazing group of ladies who were part of my team and being part of the crowd when King Charles was officially crowned and everybody cheered. It was hard not to get completely swept up in the moment!'

'Certainly the parts of the ceremony we caught on the nearby big screen were highlights,' says Nicola Lomas, Brownie leader and county commissioner from Warwickshire. 'But my best memory is how bonded you can feel to guiding sisters after such a short time spent together.

'Funnily enough, it was us that felt like celebrities when so many asked for selfies with our cheerful group in guiding uniform and hi-vis jackets, complete with a range of neckers representing our many corners of Girlguiding. Thanks guiding sisters in "Team Hyde Park!"'

Nicola Daley, a Rainbow and Brownie leader and division commissioner in North West England, was a team leader in Hyde Park. She said: 'The atmosphere was amazing, many families and young children dressed in red white and blue. Shouting, cheering and overall enjoying the experience.

'The highlight was the fly over. Even though it was a smaller scale due to the weather it was still amazing to see above our heads. Also seeing the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children passing in their car by the edge of the park.'

Speaking to the media

Advocate Molly spoke to BBC Breakfast about the building excitement ahead of the big day opposite Westminster Cathedral. Members shared their stories and plans with local and regional media and advocates Ellan and Abbie also joined BBC Radio York and BBC Radio Scotland prior to attending a special Coronation screening event at St Margaret’s Church.

Taking part in The Big Help Out

Going to the Coronation


Celebrating in units

'Our Brownies chose to have a "Coronation celebration ceremony" on Coronation eve,' says leader Stephanie. 'We thought about how the oaths and pledges the King would be making mirrored our Promise and we talked about how the King's interests (in the environment, young people and diversity) are important for us.

'We made tiffin which we then took to our neighbours on Coronation Day. And we made Coronation fairy bread for ourselves! We also made crowns and had our photos taken on a "throne" as a memento of a special evening.'

1st Wateringbury Guides planned a tea party to celebrate the Coronation, taking part in unit meeting activities to create treats to eat.

'We used the twist that dish unit meeting activity, where they were very creative with devising their own sweet or savoury dips with a selection of ingredients to choose from,' says leader Tiffany.


'It seemed fitting to create something as a record of the unit on this day so we used the make your mark unit meeting activity to make a group piece of art. We have a very artistic young leader who created the amazing King’s cypher template to add to it. The finished wall art work was displayed in the entrance as parents were invited in to view it at the end of the evening.


'To mark this historic event, the Guides all wrote letters to themselves in dear future me activity. They made a choice about when they are going to open it, whether it’s in a year’s time or longer. We have encouraged them to keep them in a safe place so they can enjoy reading it again and learn about themselves now and any advice they gave themselves for the future.'

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