Helping your child explore the digital world

How our partnership with Google is helping your child discover all things digital

17 June 2024

Our 2021 Girls’ Attitudes Survey showed that girls and young women are still facing barriers when it comes to studying science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

13% of girls aged 7 to 10 said these subjects are seen as more for boys. Together with our friends at Google, we’re working to shatter these stereotypes and inspire more girls to explore STEM subjects.

How we're doing this

We've co-designed unit meeting activities (UMAs) for your child to do in their unit. Unit meeting activities are designed to give girls fun experiences and develop new skills. Your child will complete the UMAs in their unit meetings – so you won’t need to help out with them at home.

Exploring tech UMAs

These UMAs give girls of all ages the chance to explore how coding, debugging and chatbots work. Your Rainbow will learn all about app design and what users may need for an app. Brownies will find out how a software engineer writes bugs and fixes a code. They'll also get to write their own instructions for a robot. Guides will explore what a chatbot is and how they’re programmed before designing their own chatbot They’ll also find out what a software engineer does. 

Staying safer online 

We’ve co-created the staying safer online UMAs to help teach girls and young women about staying safer online. These activities give the girls the opportunity to explore various topics. How to be safer online, having a go at creating an avatar and finding out how to spot your friends online are aimed at Rainbows. They'll find out how some of the things we do to stay safe in person can also keep them safe on the internet. Brownies will explore how to be safer online with their unit and learn about how kindness can create a better experience when using the internet.

Protecting your personal information online is really important which is why Guides will learn to think before posting, commenting, sharing online content. 

The online UMAs are designed for your child to have fun whilst being safe.

What to do

If your child is interested in these activities, have a chat with their leader to let them know they'd like to try them out. 

If you're interested in finding out any more information on our partnership with Google please check out our partnership page.