Celebrate the International Day of Friendship

This special day takes place every year on July 30

30 July 2021

International Friendship Day is the perfect chance to show your Girlguiding friends how much you care about them.

Started by the United Nations and taking place every July 30, the International Day of Friendship is all about caring for each other and learning about people loving instead of fighting.

Here are four ideas you could use in your next unit meeting to celebrate friendship:

Learn how to say something in a new language 

Friendship between people across the world can make the world a better place. Learn how to say hello, and maybe some easy phrases, in languages from across the world. Why not learn how to say hello in a language from each WAGGGS region? Be sure to learn something in Makaton as well, so you can speak to new D/deaf friends. 

Make international friends

Make friends with guides and girl scouts from across the world. Become international pen friends, set up a video call between your unit and a group, unit or troop abroad or welcome WAGGGS members visiting the UK.

For help finding international friends, ask your county international adviser for help or use the WAGGGS website to find a member organisation in another country and get in touch them using their contact details. There are also Girlguiding Facebook pages and WAGGGS Facebook pages which members across the world use. Remember that Facebook accounts are only available to those aged over 13 and read our online safety guidelines.

You could also take a look at our Rangers activity called unit on a tabletop, which explores how Girlguiding fits into the worldwide WAGGGS movement.

Create a friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelets are an old-time favourite for friends and show your special bond. Meet with a friend in person or online, and each make a friendship bracelet. You can choose the colour, material and the decorations together and it will be a reminder of your closeness.

Read a book about friendship

Reading with a friend is a great way to spend together. Sharing A Shell by Julia Donaldson and The Girls by Lauren Ace would be great to read at a Rainbow unit meeting.

If you’re a Brownie or a Guide, try Jaqueline Wilson’s books, which often focus on friendship, or Wonder by RJ Palacio, a great book for learning about differences. Older Guides and Rangers, why not read Turtles All The Way Down by John Green and Darius The Great Is Not Okay by Adib Khorram, they are great young adult books focusing on camaraderie.

For more activities about friendship, check out our Friendship unit meeting activity topic in pack nine. We’ll be releasing more friendship activities in the next unit meeting pack, which will come out in September .

You could also have a look at Reflect skills builder for activities to explore self reflection and connecting with. 

The world faces many challenges, but we can work together to make it better. Be a good friend to others and to people across the world, bridge differences and remember that friendship can make the world a more loving place for all.