Introducing our Skills For My Future theme

Explore Skills For My Future, the handiest of our six new programme themes.

Programme team
12 February 2019

I’m ready world!

What are the most useful skills to have as you go out into the world? Being able to cook a meal? Use a hammer? Take the lead? Or having confidence in yourself? Our Skills For My Future theme helps girls to build all these life-skills and more.

Everything in our new programme - all the badges, awards, unit meeting activities and skills builders - fit into one of six programme themes. Skills For My Future gets girls thinking about the big things, like what they might like to do when they’re older. But it’s also about those day-to-day things that help you get along - fixing a jumper, speaking another language or managing your money.

Activities, awards and badges to get you life-ready

Skills For My Future is packed with fun activities that girls can do with their units. Check out some of our unit meeting activity tasters: Mascot maker (Rainbows), Soapy solutions (Brownies), Do it yourshelf (Guides) and A sticky situation (Rangers and The Senior Section).

Girls can continue to build their toolkit of skills by working through interest badges at home. They can try everything from Construction and Languages to Upcycling and Digital design. Take a look at all the interest badges in our badge finder.

Girls and young women who want to take the theme further can achieve their section theme award by completing:

  • One interest badge
  • One skills builder stage
  • A certain number of hours of unit meeting activities from the Skills For My Future theme: 3 hours for Rainbows, 4 hours for Brownies and 5 hours for Guides and Rangers
Look out for the Skills For My Future icon

Look out for the Skills For My Future icon

The Skills For My Future icon is a white spanner on a pink background.

All our Skills For My Future awards, badges and unit meeting activities can be recognised by their pink colour.

It’s quiz time!

Test your own skills on our just-for-fun quiz.


How you’ve been building your skills

Across the country, girls and their units have been getting started with Skills For My Future. From making guacamole to marble runs, here’s what you’ve been getting up to.

1st Wolverley Brownies are working on Live smart stage 2. Inspired by our Brownie meeting on Wednesday 'fajita fun' one of our Brownies has been making guacamole for her family - Lydia
One Ranger's grouting ability stood out, she should be taking bookings.Jo, whose Rangers did A sticky situation unit meeting activity
Maesgeirchen Rainbows loved the marble masters! We got through a fair few roles of masking tape!Angela
3rd Hucclecote Rainbows used the Roller relay unit meeting activity on our new programme introduction session, when we invited parents to join the session too. The Rainbows loved it and observed the differences between using a paint brush and a roller. - Dilys
2nd Stokenchurch Brownies designing a zoo from the Lead stage 2 badge. We ended up with some very, um, imaginative animals! - Libby
2nd Adlington St. Paul’s Guides have done the DIY unit meeting activity, a few completed the Upcycling interest badge and by Wednesday next week they will have earned their Live smart stage 5 skills builder 😍 they’ve enjoyed it - Kate
1st St Budeaux Rainbows have complete Live smart stage 1. Their favourite challenge was Feeling fruity so much so we did it a second time with different fruits! - Charlotte
7th Hessle St James Brownies have just started this theme. We have members of our community coming in to give us an understanding of the unusual jobs available to us. 😃- Chantelle

Of course Skills For My Future is nothing new. Guiding has long prepared girls for the wider world…

In 1945 my first badge was a skills one. Carpenter and I still have the stool I made. – Margaret


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