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Dream it, plan it, build it

Look around you - the world is full of different types of buildings, bridges and construction. Lots of work goes into making sure they're safe and meet the needs of the people who use them. Get ready to find out about the building blocks of construction!

Getting a Rainbows interest badge

There are 12 interest badges for you to earn at Rainbows, and 3 fun challenges to do for each badge.

You can do them on your own or with others, however and wherever you like! You can do them at home, at a friend’s or relative’s house, in your unit meeting with other Rainbows, or somewhere like the park – anywhere!

Want to get a taste of our badges? All the challenges for this badge are explained below so you can experience how exciting the programme is for yourself. 

1. Hunt for materials

Go on a materials treasure hunt. Do a survey of the different materials used around you. How many different materials can you find?

Try looking for some that are shiny, hard, soft, rough, smooth, weak, light, stretchy, reflective or bright.

You could collect items, take photographs, make wax rubbings (if the material has an interesting texture) or draw the materials you find. Display your findings and show them to someone.

2. Strongest shape

Shapes are an important part of construction.

We often use triangles to build things that carry a heavy load because the weight can spread across all three sides without it breaking. You can make squares stronger by adding a diagonal piece across the middle, making it 2 triangles.

A series of triangles together is called a ‘truss’. Trusses are used in roofs, towers, buildings and bridges.

Use trusses to make a building, tower or bridge, using materials from around your home.

3. Be a town planner

Get ready to design your own town, park, zoo, playground or theme park!

It takes lots of people many years to make plans like these. Since you’re working by yourself, design just one road, such as a high street, or one part of a theme park.

  • How will people get from one place to another?
  • Where will you put the bins, so it’s easy for people to use them?
  • What things will you put next to each other?

Plan on paper first, if you want to. But, make a model of part of your design to complete this challenge.

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