I went backstage at Big Gig and this is what happened

As we look back at the best bits of the year, Emma, 15, shares the gossip from backstage at the Big Gig 2018 - our amazing concert JUST for Girlguiding members

Emma, 15, Ranger
17 December 2018

A once-in-a-lifetime experience 

Together with three other Girlguiding members, I was lucky enough to win the chance to interview all the acts at Big Gig 2018 (from The Vamps to Rae Morris)! We couldn’t quite believe it. After I met my friend Kate at the station nearby, we nervously walked to the massive SSE Wembley Arena.

The Big Gig from an entirely new perspective

Having been to Big Gig before, the opportunity to see the acts, the lights and the excitement from an entirely new angle made me ecstatic. I knew that the day would be busy and that Kate and I would have to stay on the ball and get the job done!

It was exhausting, but I was surprised by the kind, relaxed smiles we received from all the acts on the day and getting to know these performers as real people was quite incredible.

Above: Emma was lucky enough to hang out with all the acts from Big Gig 2018 including RoadTrip, Saffron Barker and HRVY, The Vamps, The Cutkelvins and New Hope Club

Walking into the arena on the day was brilliant! I personally couldn’t take the smile off my face. Seeing all the work that is put into these concerts from behind the scenes just demonstrated to me the sheer scale of these events. We were lucky enough to watch the sound checks of the performers from the side of the stage and that in itself shed a whole new light on what goes on behind the scenes.

Kate and I were really looking forward to meeting everyone. Some of the acts we did know and some we didn’t, but that is what made the day really special. We saw new acts fresh on the scene and hearing their aspirations and dreams for future music careers was really inspiring.

What's your message to all the girls out there today?

A question we asked all the acts was what their main message was to all the excited girls waving their glowsticks and having a good time. All of them wanted everyone to have a good time, to absorb the atmosphere and stick behind the Girlguiding movement!

Have fun, let go and enjoy the moment. Social media is a big part of our lives, but it’s nice to put the phone down and enjoy where you are right now- HRVY

Above: Rae Morris and The Vamps take to the Big Gig stage - though of course the biggest stars of the day are you lot - the Girlguiding crowd 💃😁 

Looking at the new badges with Rae Morris and The Vamps

We had a whole bag of all the new recently launched Girlguiding badges and got to talk about what sort of badges the singers themselves would make. We got a range of responses, from self esteem badges, to animal charity badges.

The interest in how we collect and earn badges in guiding was really fun to talk about. Now, with so many more to collect, we got the opportunity to talk about which ones we have completed and which ones we would like to do.

Wrapping up the day with Hacker the dog!

As we finished our final interview with The Vamps, we even got the chance to meet Hacker the dog from CBBC. The whole experience was another example of the abundant fun Girlguiding offers us, and it’s something I will talk about for a long time.

Look out for more information about Big Gig 2019!