Girls can do anything. We help them know that.

Join us to celebrate our mission with our chair of the board of trustees, chief guide and chief executive

07 March 2023

We’re here for all girls, and have been for over 110 years.

Through Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers, we support girls to laugh, learn, explore and have adventures.

We began because girls wanted an equal world, where they could have the same opportunities as boys. So much progress has been made since we started. But things can still be tough for girls. The impact of the pandemic on girls’ wellbeing, online pressures, discrimination and sexism all present unique challenges. It’s been over a century, and the reason we were founded hasn’t gone away.

Right now, guiding has never been more needed.  We believe all girls deserve equal opportunities. We help build confidence in girls. And we’re a powerful collective voice – with girls, led by girls – changing the world for the better.

That’s why today, we’re excited to share our refreshed brand with the world. It’s a chance to focus on our core mission to be here for all girls – enabling them to discover the best in themselves and make a positive difference in their community. We’re showing the world that we’re still that pioneering, vibrant space where all girls can fulfil their potential and find their voice. We hope that it encourages even more girls to join us and experience the magic of guiding for themselves.

Why do girls need Girlguiding?

We know that girls face pressures and expectations in every area of their lives. They’re limited by gender stereotypes, and they can face barriers to accessing the things they need to be happy.

Research shows that half of girls aged 14-17 believe that girls are more likely to experience negative gendered stereotypes than boys. And over a quarter of girls aged 14-17 have had a stereotype stop them from doing something.  Girls also tell us about the discrimination they face in their daily lives - our research shows that two thirds of girls aged 11 to 21 report seeing or experiencing sexism at school, college, university or work.

But we know that Girlguiding can help change this. Girls in Girlguiding are more confident than their peers: nearly 9 in 10 of them say they like being the way they are (compared with just 6 in 10 who have never been in Girlguiding).

Girlguiding offers a safe, inclusive space for all girls – one where they can try new things with friends they trust and volunteers they look up to.  This will give them courage, connections, confidence, and memories they’ll never forget. And when girls feel confident, they are more likely to know that they can do anything.

What we’re doing – our new look and feel

Our refreshed brand is much more than a new logo. It’s how we look. It’s how we sound. It’s everything we do, and why we exist. 

We want to shout about who we are, and our vision for an equal world. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes with volunteers, parents, and girls to bring our refreshed brand to life. Today's launch will drive us forward as we look to the future.

We’ve updated our iconic trefoil and breathed new life into the way our sections look. Through fun new icons, as well as bold and lively colours, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers now each have their own distinct identity. Today, we feel more like a family. From Rainbows to Rangers, to young leaders and beyond, we’ve made it clear that Girlguiding is a place where all girls can explore, have fun, and belong. Take a look at what we’ve changed and why.

This change is possible thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Since 2014, Players have raised over £9 million to support a variety of transformational Girlguiding projects, awarded by Postcode Children Trust. The funds enable us to do more for girls and young women, and we’re so grateful for their ongoing support. 

Moving forward together

We’ve been by girls’ sides for over a century – but we’re just getting started. Today, we’re squarely focused on what drives, challenges and excites girls here and now, and in the future. Girls are at the heart of all that we do. We’re excited to be moving forward together, into a future where all girls know that they can do anything.


Catherine Irwin, chair of the board of trustees
Tracy Foster, chief guide
Angela Salt, chief executive