5 things we learned from watching Barbie

Get into the driver’s seat... because girls can do anything!

23 August 2023

In its opening weekend, Barbie became the most successful movie debut directed by a woman, proving that audiences are hungry for great girl-centred stories. 

This summer, millions of people threw on their favourite pink outfits and headed to cinema screens to watch the Barbie movie. The magic of Barbie’s dream land had us thinking about some important guiding lessons to help girls feel more confident and inspired. 

Girls can do anything 

From President Barbie to Mermaid Barbie, we know girls can do anything. Whether they want to be journalists, lawyers, doctors or physicists, the Barbie movie shows us that girls can do whatever they want and be whoever they want. Each individual Barbie has their own story and a unique passion, just like every girl in our lives. And the best part is, they all fearlessly cheer each other on!  

You can find power in community 

Even when life is difficult, there’s strength in working together. The Barbies take back control of their own destiny by teaming up. Although they might not always agree or have the same opinions, they come together to create positive action. There’s power in community and connecting with others and we know this is something our members embody in guiding every day. 

Adventure is for everyone 

There’s a perception that it’s only boys who can be adventurous. In our 2021 Girls Attitudes Survey, we found that over a third of young people aged 7-21 years old associate terms like ‘adventurous’ and ‘brave’ more with boys than girls. 

Our Georgina and the Dragon statue shows a powerful young girl rearing on a BMX bike, as she triumphantly slays a collection of these outdated beliefs. ‘Boys are braver than girls’ and ‘Boys are stronger than girls’ are in the top 10 stereotypes girls and young women face today, impacting their confidence to have adventures. We help girls know they can do anything – especially adventures - and our refreshed brand aims to do exactly that. 

Barbie inspires girls to take adventure into their own hands, be curious and never stop discovering new things. We know girls have been having adventures in guiding for over 100 years. And this year, we launched our new adventure badges. Girls can be awarded height, land, water, snow and sport badges when they take part in exciting activities! 

It’s okay not to have it all figured out 

There's an immense pressure on girls to have it all figured out – school, hobbies, appearances, online safety and so much more. We see Barbie experience the same feelings. She doesn’t know her purpose or what her passion is yet. But she teaches us it’s okay not to have it all figured out!

“We’re all still figuring things out—that’s part of it.” - Greta Gerwig, writer and director of Barbie. 

It takes time to discover a favourite hobby or passion. That’s why it’s important to try new ones regularly. Our interest badges allow girls to find what it is they love doing. It could be blogging, construction or even performing. There’s an entire range to choose from and they can be completed outside of units too! 

Browse our badge finder. 

Girls’ voices matter 

In one weekend, Barbie became the most successful movie debut in history directed by a woman. Not only is it a brilliant example of fun and adventure, but it proves that girl-centred stories with strong female leads need to be heard and that girls’ voices matter.