Five positive things you can do for a greener future

Do you want to change the world but don't know how to get started?

Sarah Dale, Assistant Guide Leader, Lancashire
15 April 2016

I just got back from the Helen Storrow Seminar where I learned so much about making a difference

At the seminar I met inspirational women from all five regions of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Everyone brought a huge wealth of knowledge and experience regarding leadership and the environment to this year's Helen Storrow Seminar. It was fascinating to discuss ways in which we can make positive steps towards a greener future at Our Chalet, a WAGGGS World Centre in Switzerland.

The seminar helped me develop leadership skills and inspired me to carry out an environmental project in my local community. If you're passionate about creating a greener future too, here are five things to help you get started changing the world.

'Find a cause which you are passionate about and work towards that one.'

To get us inspired, we started by researching some environmental issues in our home countries and local projects which have successfully tackled problems.

From the recycling crisis in Lebanon, to the huge amount of rubbish being dumped in the ocean in Peru, I was shocked to learn all that happens to local communities and habitats. However, individuals and groups can take enormous steps towards solving issues. For example Sarine, from Lebanon, is creating an educational programme on recycling for her Guides in order to tackle the global problem of waste on a local scale.

'Leadership isn't about the “who" - it's about the “how".'

During the seminar, and by accessing the i-Lead course on GLOW (Global Learning Online for WAGGGS), we learned that good leadership is about looking at the whole picture and remaining open to different perspectives in order to find ways to achieve a goal. This is something everyone can do. Leadership styles vary from one person to the next, because we all have different skills and interests.

'Be a hummingbird.'

When we face challenges it's important to remember however small our actions may seem, they still make a difference. We watched the inspirational video I will be a hummingbird, in which environmental and political activist Wangari Maathai tells the story of a hummingbird who pours water on a forest fire while the other animals just stand and stare.

'Motivate, connect, empower.'

Speaking out about environmental issues in our local communities enabled us to learn that others are also passionate about the same causes and are motivated to help achieve the same goals.

'Together we can change the world.'

A group of individuals working towards the same cause can make a huge difference. If ever we doubt ourselves, we will find support from a fantastic network of people who can help us achieve our aims. I am really grateful for the opportunity to connect with my guiding sisters from around the world.

Have your own international guiding adventure

It's a fascinating learning experience and also an amazing opportunity to make friends with people from around the world and share guiding stories.