Happy Father's Day!

Thanks to dads and male carers that are making guiding happen

16 June 2022

We’re celebrating our dad volunteers who help out at units up and down the country this Father’s Day.

Men can volunteer at weekly meetings as a unit helper, and can help with some other volunteer roles too, like a unit administrator, an ID verifier, secretary or archivist. Check out our Membership policy for more information about what men can do in Girlguiding.

Dads and male carers often volunteer to help a unit, district or division keep on providing amazing opportunities for girls and young women. They’re a volunteer that can support leaders and commissioners keep on doing great guiding.

Paul is a unit helper at his daughter’s Guide unit. He was also a unit helper at her Rainbow and Brownie units when she was in those sections.

‘My wife and I saw the great activities our daughter was doing with guiding and we wanted to support them,’ says Paul. ‘It became clear very early on that people giving their time was the key to making the units such a success. It started by helping out every now and then, but now I go each week. Leaders let me know what activities we are doing that week and I simply make sure the girls are safe and having a good time.’

He adds: ‘As girls get older, I am very aware they worry about different things; bullying, exclusion, worries about home life. We try to be there for fun times, but with that comes the responsibility of keeping the girls safe too. When I volunteered at Rainbows I thought more about trips and falls, but the issues girls are facing in Guides are very different and it makes me aware of these issues and the seriousness surrounding them.

‘Being able to be in this environment is a privilege and it allows us to learn about the challenges they face; sometimes because our gender has made mistakes in the past. I feel volunteering is me trying to make at least a small part of this better and understand the effects of this history. We may not have caused it, but we can still help.’

Paul adds that it’s also a way to see his daughter make new friends, learn new skills and grow in confidence while supporting his local community.

‘Girlguiding only succeeds thanks to volunteers,’ he says. ‘It’s too easy for parents to drop their children off at a club like guiding and never take part themselves. When the time is right, take your coat off and stay for a session, see what it’s like. Bring your skills to the girls and they might even ask you to come back! Inspire the next generation.’

We're wishing all our male volunteers who are fathers or carers a very Father's Day! Thank you for everything you do.