Rainbows recycling superhero competition winner

Ember, Warwickshire, has won the Girlguiding and Daisy recycling superhero competition

30 January 2024

Girlguiding and Daisy announce the winner of a UK-wide competition calling for Rainbows to design their own recycling superhero, for the chance to see their creation in a comic strip.

The competition launched in October 2023, under Girlguiding and Daisy’s partnership, to inspire girls to become recycling superheroes and helping to protect our planet.

Ember, aged 6 of 2nd Hartshill (Holy Trinity) Rainbows, Warwickshire, beat hundreds of entries, with her superhero Amber and sidekick Pumpkin, the cat.

Amber is a 10-year-old superhero, who learnt about recycling at school. She also earned her recycling badge in Girlguiding. She has super sight and can spot anything that can be recycled. When she spots things that can be recycled, she does a star jump and turns into a superhero with Pumpkin at her side. She flies over and tells people how to reuse items for arts and crafts, to make useful items (like her sweet wrapper skirt) or put them in a recycling bin.

Lyndsey Charlton, Daisy’s COO and Amanda Azeez, director of communications, marketing and fundraising at Girlguiding, chose the winner. 

'We thought it was clever and we loved the story. She's learnt it's really important, has a badge about it, and now wants to share with the world. Love the way she does a star jump, outfit appears, and Pumpkin comes. We really liked the link with Girlguiding and the way she has learnt and wants to pass this on. Every superhero needs a sidekick – we loved the sweet cat'. Amanda Azeez

Here's Ember’s recycling superhero as a comic strip. Thank you to Daisy for designing it.

Superhero cartoon strip

The runners up

Designing a recycling superhero is part of the Rainbow recycling badge. All Rainbows who've entered will have passed that section of the badge.

The following designs were runners up in the competition; they will each receive a goody bag from Daisy.

Taryn, aged 6, from Meole Brace Rainbows in Shropshire. Her recycling superhero is called Super Turtle and eats up all the rubbish in the ocean.

Cally-Jo, aged 5, 2nd Caldicot Rainbows unit in Gwent. Cally-Jo made a rainbow can superhero called Miraculous Rainbow.

Superhero ‘PickUP Girl’ by Maia, aged 5 from 11th Shirley Rainbows in Hampshire.

April’s recycling superhero dog called ‘The Retriever’. April is 5 years old and is part of 1st Upton (St Mary’s) Rainbows in Wirrel county.

Poppy, aged 6 from 1st Haddington Rainbows in Scotland with her superhero ‘ECO-ELLA’.

Ivyana, aged 6 from 2nd Fareham Rainbows in Hampshire. She made ‘Ruby the recycling robot’.

Minnie, aged 4 and her recycling superhero Ro-Bin (Robin). She goes to 1st Kettle Rainbows in Fife.

Recycabrush by Hannah, aged 6. Hannah is part of 2nd Denny Rainbows in Scotland and her superhero is made from a paint brush!

Rachel Rescue Recycle superhero by Lottie, aged 5, from 1st Fordham Rainbows, Cambridgeshire.

Congratulations to the winner and the runners up for their amazing, creative designs.

And a massive thank you to all the Rainbows who took part in the competition. We hope you had as much fun making your superheroes as we did looking at them all.

Don’t forget to show your leader your design so they can count it towards your recycling badge.