Our London Marathon 2024 heroes

Get to know the team of runners who went the extra 26.2 miles and ran the iconic London Marathon

21 May 2024

We know that our impact wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers.

But recently 4 amazing volunteers went the extra 26.2 miles by running the London Marathon 2024 for Girlguiding. With every step these inspirational role models Tory, Emily, Hannah, and Becky, put their promise into action and achieved something incredible.  

Here we find out more about 2 of these inspiring women, and 1 volunteer who set a marathon world record whilst dressed as a Brownie….  

Meet Hannah

I’ve experienced some incredible opportunities through Girlguiding – camps, international trips, weekly meetings and so much more.

Hannah’s Guiding journey: Hannah has been a part of Girlguiding for 25 years. Joining as a Rainbow she now leads 25th Fulham Guides and sits on Girlguiding’s board of trustees. In 2019 Hannah also helped lead an amazing Girlguiding LaSER international adventure to Argentina, providing girls with an unforgettable experience to explore the world and new cultures. 

Hannah’s Marathon motivation: Throughout her guiding journey Hannah has benefited from the many opportunities Girlguiding gives by ‘being part of a community of amazing women.’ It’s important to ‘continue to inspire girls and give them valuable skills and confidence’.  

Hannah’s preparation: With a half marathon already completed before beginning her marathon journey, Hannah was in a good position to begin training. Her training schedule consisted of huge weekly mileage counts and a 34km coastal run whilst on holiday to Sicily. Hannah explained it was ‘amazing to see what my body can do’. Her Guides were also impressed and ‘loved the excuse for a bake sale’ to help with her fundraising. 

Memories to last a lifetime:  Hannah didn’t have to wait too long before her incredible achievement started encouraging girls. On the day of the marathon, Brownie Elliotte joined our enthusiastic cheer team, to help give our amazing runners a little boost around mile 25 and proudly waved her homemade sign to show her support. Of course, being that close to Girlguiding HQ meant a trip to the shop, where Elliotte chose a Brownie bear, she named Hannah bear - after being inspired by Hannah as she ran past!  

Hannah recalled the moment Girlguiding’s cheer point came into view - ‘it was an incredible day. I was so excited to see you all and to be 1km from the finish!' She was very touched to hear about Elliotte’s Hannah bear ‘to think I’ve inspired at least one girl is so special.’

Meet Becky

Girlguiding has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. 

Becky’s guiding journey: Today Becky is a proud unit helper with 2nd Hucclecote Guides, although her guiding journey began as a Rainbow when she was 5 years old. Following a lifetime of commitment, each week she continues to see ‘firsthand the difference Girlguiding makes by helping girls learn new things, have fun and grow.’ So, when it came to her own daughters Eliza and Nora, it was important for Becky that they experienced the guiding journey too.  

Becky’s marathon motivation: Becky was motivated to take on this challenge to help more girls access the opportunities Girlguiding gives. Sharing that ‘if running helps inspire even one of the girls in my unit to be confident to do a sport or activity, they love despite all the pressure young girls face then, I'll be extremely proud.’  

Memories to last a lifetime: After months of planning, training and hard work Becky encountered a persistent niggling pain early in her marathon. Despite this setback, the crowds of London carried Becky through her epic marathon journey. 

By mile 20 ‘it was purely the knowledge of knowing the Girlguiding cheer team was near the end, that kept me going!’ Feeling extremely proud to overcome these physical and mental challenges, Becky is now keen to take on more challenges in the future. Becky wants to share ‘my experiences with other women and my Guides as proof you can find that inner strength to achieve your goals, even more so with a great team cheering you on!’ 

Meet Aileen

While I said I would never run a marathon; I am always up for a challenge.

To display her love for volunteering with Girlguiding and to showcase the incredible work of Girlguiding everyday heroes, Aileen dressed as a Brownie. Running as part of a team to achieve the Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon time in a 10-person costume. The other 9 everyday heroes also displayed a Girlguiding teamwork badge sewn on their costume. 

Memories to last a lifetime: Aileen described the day as incredible and that achieving a Guinness World Record was only possible with the ‘power of teamwork and friendship.’ As a first-time marathon runner, the support from crowds throughout the course ‘made me feel like I was in a parade the whole time.’ Many runners and spectators recognised her uniform throughout the course and a Rainbow who met her on the tube afterwards who had been hoping to see the bus. 

We’ve heard a little more about these 3 amazing women. But we’re not forgetting the inspirational Emily and Tory who also took on this incredible marathon challenge. 

Inspired to take up your own challenge? Check out our fundraising resources. You can also apply for a place in next year’s London Marathon team with Girlguiding