Get ready for International Women's Day 2022

Empower members to know they can do anything

15 February 2022

Every year on 8 March, the world comes together to celebrate International Women’s Day.

It’s a chance to highlight gender inequality and champion the achievements of girls and women and this year’s theme is #BreakTheBias. Mark the day in your unit with resources from WAGGGS, Girlguiding, DreamWorks Animations, Teach Starter, Puffin Schools and International Women’s Day itself.


The World Association of Girls Guides and Girl Scouts has two sets of resources available: one for five- to 11-year-olds and one for ages 12 and up. Members can think about what toys and films tell us about being a girl or a boy, understand stereotypes, learn about discrimination in careers and work on their own internal ideas of being a girl.


Rainbows can create a princess and think about how girls are shown in the media in The princess problem and Brownies can explore fairness and discrimination in Fairest of them all. Guides can explore barriers and opportunities in One small step and, in Votes for women, learn how working together can achieve big goals. And Rangers can put themselves in different situations and work out if equity can help promote equality and fairness for all in Equality v equity and learn about bias in the media in Break the bias.

Lots of our activities challenge sexist stereotypes. How about doing some activities like Out of this world and Magnificent machines? Show members in your unit that they can do anything.

DreamWorks Animations

Members can learn all about female empowerment with activities about the show She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Watch a video and use discussion cards to think about She-Ra’s power, fill in an activity book and play games about gender equality.

Teach Starter

Teach Starter has two sets of resources, each one with six activities each. They’re split into two age groups: ages five to seven and ages eight to 12. They’re designed for schools but can easily be adapted for unit meetings. There are printable fact sheets, case studies about inspiring women and tasks to learn about stereotypes and female achievements.

Puffin Schools

There are loads of book-based ideas thanks to Puffin Schools. From in-depth book studies to questions to get members thinking from the Sisterhood Book Club, colouring sheets to author interviews, there’s lots to choose from. There’s also reading lists for ages five to 15 and 15 and up, a list of 46 books about women who changed the world and lesson plans for ages five to 14 – lots of the activities in the lesson plan resource can be adapted for unit meetings.

International Women’s Day

For even more ideas, check out International Women’s Day’s resources page. Your unit could submit photos taken in the #BreakTheBias pose (remember to check members’ photo permissions), fundraise for a female-focused charity, go to an event or, if you’re meeting on Zoom, download the International Women’s Day backgrounds.