The benefits of volunteering with Girlguiding

Have fun and empower girls

23 October 2022

Volunteering empowers girls, but also has lots of benefits for you too!

Here are some reasons you might want to think about volunteering with us, whether it’s at a weekly meeting, behind the scenes or something else.

Support your local community

Supporting your local area will help you to feel connected to your surroundings and build social connections. And did you know, people who help others report feeling happier and having higher self-esteem?

Make new friends

Girlguiding is a close community, and volunteering is a great way to meet new people with similar values. When you join as a volunteer, you’ll be welcomed into your local district or division - full of volunteers to become friends with.

Be an inspiration for girls

Your professional and personal experience, a specific skill or simply your enthusiasm, you have so much to share with girls and young women in guiding. You’ll feel proud to watch them grow through guiding.

Skills for your career

Volunteering can be really useful if you want to change career. You’ll get to try out a new role, learn new skills and get experience. For example, if you want to learn more admin skills, helping out with unit admin is a great way to get started. And even if you don’t want to change career, having volunteer experience still adds to your CV.

Boost your mental wellbeing

Volunteering can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Doing something meaningful and helping girls and young women making a difference in the world will lift your spirits. Learn more about the 5 steps to mental wellbeing.

Have fun

Most importantly, having a good time! If you volunteer at a unit, you get to spend an hour or two a week getting messy, laughing and empowering girls. What’s better than that?