Exciting changes to the Queen’s Guide award

Find out what’s different

27 March 2023

The Queen’s Guide award, the highest award you can work towards in guiding, has had a refresh.

It’ll mean more members will get a chance to achieve it, there’s more choice and there’s more support for everyone involved.

The changes

The award is now open for members aged 16-30, so it includes the full age range, matching all the opportunities for the Inspire network.

Also, the design of the symbol, badges and certificate have changed to be the same as the refreshed brand. And we’ve created a Facebook group that people who have achieved the award can join.

The 5 sections have also had some changes:

Guiding challenge

This used to be called service in guiding. Instead of prescribed elements, there’s now 4 projects, each with a different focus: girl, volunteer, growth and retention and inclusion. We changed this so people working on the award have more choice on the activity or role they do.

Personal development challenge

The key change for this section is that after developing their skill, those working on the award need to share it back to other members. This could be in any way they want, from running a training session for volunteers to sharing skills with young members.

Lead the way challenge

This section has changed its name from the outdoor challenge. There are now 3 pathways to choose from rather than 2 prescribed elements. The 3 pathways are residential, outdoor activities and an expedition or exploration.

Community action challenge

Like with the personal development challenge, the big change for this section is that after doing their community action, those working on the award need to share it back to other members or volunteers.

Social experience challenge

This used to be called the residential. The main change to this section is that there are now 2 pathways to choose from rather than just going away for 3 nights and 4 days. The first pathway is a residential, with a minimum of 2 nights and 2 days. The second pathway is attending an event where there are new responsibilities, or it’s new event. The event has to be for a minimum 2 days, or 2 day trips, and there’s no overnight stay needed.


We’ve also put extra support in place for everyone involved with the award:

Who do these changes affect?

If you’ve started your award already, you can transfer what you’ve done so far across to the new programme. Anything that can’t be transferred will need to be completed. You don’t have to transfer, it’s completely optional!

Take a look at the transition document on the Queen's Guide award webpage if you are currently doing your award and want to transfer to the new programme. Or speak to your coordinator.

If you only have 1 section left to complete, we recommend that you continue with the old programme.

If you’re approaching your 26th birthday and decide to swap to the new programme, you can extend your end date past this, as long as it doesn’t exceed 3 years in total from your start date. If you stay on the old programme, you still have to finish by your 26th birthday.

If you choose to move to the new programme, you still have to complete the award within a 3-year time limit, excluding a 1 year planned break, from when you originally started.

If you want to do the Queen’s Guide award but haven’t started yet, you have to start and complete the new programme. Everyone starting the award with the new programme will have until they’re 30.

Any questions?

Check out the Queen’s Guide award webpage to find the programme resources and all the supporting documents.

Or email [email protected]. People working on their award, coordinators, mentors and assessors can email this address at any time for support.