10 fun things to do during the holidays

Check out these fun activities girls can do at home

14 November 2023

Are you looking for some fun activities for families to do during the holidays?

With the holidays right around the corner, girls have a chance to relax and spend time with their friends and family. If you're stuck for things to do, check out these fun activities for kids. Remember to always keep safe when trying a new activity, especially if you're looking after young children.  

1. Build a den

Stuck at home on a rainy day? Have fun building your own den indoors! Use blankets or sheets and put them over chairs to make a tent. You can even make your den really cosy by adding cushions. Some of our favourite dens have fairy lights pegged to the outside. 

Once your den is built, you can use it to read books or watch a movie. Don't forget the popcorn!

Top fun tip: If you have space to build more than 1 den, you can find a way to create a secret tunnel between them! Let your imagination run wild. 

2. Complete a Girlguiding badge

Research what badges girls can do over the holidays. There’s something for everyone.

Our range of interest badges are brilliant because they're designed to encourage children to be independent and explore their interests. And they can be completed at home!

You can browse the list of badges on our website. 

3. Explore nature

Have a look around your home, in the garden or in a local park and find a friend in nature! This could be a tree, house plant or bug. Explore what it feels like and looks like. What would it say if it was a human? How would it talk? You can make bark rubbings using a crayon and paper.

Find out more about your tree including the type of tree it is, the type of leaves it has, whether it has fruit. You may even find some of its leaves on the ground. Then try drawing your tree. You could do it together and get your friends and family to vote for the best drawing.

4. Use sticks to make magic

Believe it or not, collecting sticks is a great activity for kids! They come in all shapes and sizes. Get them to use their imagination to transform their sticks into almost anything. Turn it into a magic wand or pretend it’s a musical instrument. Why not use it to draw shapes in the mud? Or you could play Poohsticks at your nearest stream - just remember to keep everyone safe near water. 

5. Play a board game

Board games are a great way to pass the time. From card games to hopscotch, you can get lots of people involved.

If you want more of a challenge, have a go at making your own board game. Use card, bottle tops for counters, and any other things you can find. Write or draw your own rules and challenge your family and friends to play!

6. Create your own 'Guess Who' game

Speaking of creating your own board games, you could make your own version of 'Guess Who'.

Write down lots of characters on square pieces of card – 1 character per square. You can use cartoon characters, people from books or comics. In a group, each person takes a card at random and places it on their head and asks questions to uncover who they are. The group is only allowed to answer yes or no. 

Top fun tip: To make it extra funny, you could draw your friends and family members on the cards so everyone has to describe each other. 

7. Make a winter collage

All you'll need for this activity is:

  • Card
  • Glue
  • Pens
  • Anything that makes you think of winter! Find stuff laying around like leaves, sticks or ribbon - whatever you've got to hand. 

Challenge kids to make a winter collage by sticking everything onto the card. You could set it all up for them on a table or let them to find their own objects to make the activity last longer.

8. Go on a scavenger hunt

This can be done inside or outside. The main thing to do is to find certain objects. You can have a theme such as finding things that are the colours of the rainbow or begin with certain letters of the alphabet. Set a timer and get everyone to race to find the objects first.  

Top fun tip: Get them to create their own checklist ahead of time so they can tick things off as they go.

9. Bake a special treat

Baking is a brilliant activity for girls to get involved with during the holidays. There are plenty of recipes that don't require any cooking or only need a few items such as rocky road, no-bake cheesecakes, cornflake cakes and rice crispy bars.

If you're doing this activity with other people's children, be mindful of any allergies or intolerances.

10. Inspire girls to do good!

They could sort out all the toys they don’t play with anymore and clothes that no longer fit. Or donate food to the local foodbank. If they're passionate about the environment, they could sow seeds or make a bug house. Depending on what they enjoy most, help them find something to do that suits them.