How guiding makes a difference to girls

As Girlguiding volunteers you get to see the impact you have on girls week in and week out

11 October 2023

This week we’re proud to share our impact report with you and the rest of the world to show the positive impact that guiding has on our young members and volunteers.

Our report shares evidence from over 21,000 girls, parents and carers, and volunteers through surveys, focus groups and interviews between 2021 and 2023.

Our results show the big difference that Girlguiding has on the lives of girls up and down the country. And we couldn’t do it without you.

Here’s just a snippet of what we’ve found out:

Girlguiding helps girls unleash their potential

Whether they’re going on adventures, gaining skills, awards and badges, or giving back to the community, Girlguiding helps girls do and feel their best.

Girls said they had many opportunities in guiding, including taking part in activities they wouldn’t get anywhere else, and also trying things they’d never have thought of doing.

“It gives you opportunities that you wouldn’t necessarily get elsewhere which are fun and also useful for your later life” - Ranger

“It’s helped me to do stuff that I never really knew I could do” – Brownie

91% of young members surveyed said they have fun at Girlguiding and almost 9 in 10 girls agreed that ‘Girlguiding is a place I can be myself’.

“At the start I feel happy and excited, and I feel happy with what I’ve done after.” - Brownie

Girlguiding boosts girls’ confidence

We know that girls are a powerful force for change in their own lives. But we also know, across all walks of life and communities, girls face challenges to their confidence. Girls in the UK report consistently lower confidence and self-worth than boys in the UK.

In fact, in the UK, girls are between 3% and 12% less likely to report high confidence than boys – and the gap widens to as much as 24% by age 15.

Our analysis shows that Girlguiding supports girls through this confidence challenge, with our young members up to 23% more likely to feel confident than the UK average.

“I think it’s helped boost my self-esteem and confidence” - Guide

“It definitely makes you feel good and makes you feel empowered to do things. I can definitely feel my confidence growing as I’ve got older, undoubtedly because of Girlguiding.” - Young leader

We know we couldn’t do any of this without our 70,000 volunteers. And we know that girls really value the work they do.

95% of Girlguiding girls agreed ‘I respect my leaders and my helpers’ and 93% agreed that ‘my unit leaders treat me with respect’.

“If I ever had any problems or anything I'd definitely feel comfortable talking to my leaders about it.” - Ranger

Want to know more?

Once again, thank you for everything you do with Girlguiding to help girls know they can do anything.

Have a look at the impact report to find out more about the difference that guiding makes to girls, parents and carers and volunteers.