A year in the life of a British Youth Council delegate

Speaking at national events, campaigning, media interviews and making new friends - all in a days work for our team. Here delegate Amy shares all.

Amy, British Youth Council delegate
14 January 2019

My chance to be heard

If you want to know what the Girlguiding British Youth Council (BYC) delegation is like, I can tell you that it’s inspiring, motivating, supportive, and all around amazing! The British Youth Council empowers young people to influence and inform the decisions that affect their lives. We get up to a whole range of exciting things throughout the year, from the all-important BYC Annual Council Meeting, to attending events at parliament, to being on national television! Here’s just a few things you can get up to as a BYC delegate.

I love our chilled meetings catching up at Girlguiding HQ

As a delegation, we meet three times per year at Girlguiding HQ, London. I always love these meetings, as they are chilled and fun, and it’s always so lovely to catch up with the other delegates. Each meeting is always different. We could do skill building sessions, such as vlogging or public speaking, looking at the Girls’ Attitudes Survey, or have external organisations in, such as having a session with Sexplain. We’ll always make sure there is plenty of time to prepare ourselves for the BYC Annual Council Meeting in September.

This is the big one: British Youth Council Annual Council Meeting

The BYC Annual Council Meeting is the highlight of the delegation’s year and is what we work hard to prepare for!

The day involves debating lots of issues that we think are important for young people, and that other members of Girlguiding have told us they care about.

If we submit an idea that gets voted in, it’ll be included in the BYC manifesto.

This year we presented motions on gender stereotyping, period poverty, and media representation, which were all passed (hurrah!). At the end of the day I found it really sad to leave, as it was such as good day. I met a lot of inspiring people and it was also great to be in our Girlguiding shirts (it always makes me feel important).

Getting myself out there with external opportunities

Whilst the BYC Annual Council Meeting is the main event of the year, other opportunities do also come our way. I am particularly passionate about body confidence and mental health, so when an opportunity came up in December to attend the Youth Select Committees release of their report on body confidence at Parliament, there was no doubt that I would put myself forward for it.

Other members of our BYC delegation have had completely different opportunities from speaking on Good Morning Britain, talking about body confidence, to talking to an acid attack survivor about her experience at a runway fashion show.

I have absolutely loved my year on the delegation, I’ve learnt so much, and am thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to raise issues facing young people on a national platform.

I class the delegation as a family, who I love to pieces, and I am really glad that I’ve been through this with such amazing, inspiring people.  

Want to get involved?

Apply to join our British Youth Council delegation by 14 February and have your voice heard. 

About our guest blogger Amy

About our guest blogger Amy Girlguiding South West

'Being on the delegation means representing and giving a voice to all girls and young women on a national platform where we can make a difference.'