British Youth Council Delegates

Our British Youth Council delegates are part of an amazing movement of young people standing up for change

The British Youth Council offers a fantastic opportunity to get your voice heard

I’ve always been eager to have my views heard, and I really want to raise my voice and help people - being part of Girlguiding’s British Youth Council delegation has really helped me to make a difference. - Simi, London, 2015 delegate

Our British Youth Council delegation comprises of 10 members - including the Chair - aged between 14 and 25 from across the UK. Delegates learn how power and politics work and how they can use their voices and connect their views with other young people to create positive change.

What our delegates do

Our delegation works with the other BYC young delegates to campaign for change and to improve young people's lives. They are passionate about equality and seek to influence their British Youth Council peers so that issues that matter to girls are heard. They're also media spokespeople for Girlguiding and help shape our campaigns and research.

Each year the delegation work together to put forward motions - ideas for campaigns or issues to support - to the British Youth Council in order to influence them to take action. Key issues our delegates have put forward include Sex and Relationships Education in PSHE, girls' rights internationally, tackling sexual harassment in schools, violence against women and girls, young people’s mental health and more.

How our British Youth Council delegates have made a difference

Some examples of issues which Girlguiding delegates have taken forward include:

End period poverty and stigma - the delegation put forward a motion asking the British Youth Council to support the campaign to end period poverty and stigma. The British Youth Council now supports this campaign, calling on Governments across the UK to provide period products for those who need them, as well as speaking out against shame and stigma surrounding periods. 

Protecting the Rights of Girls and Young Women Internationally - the British Youth Council now speak out against forced and child marriage, and any violations of girls' and women's rights. This includes Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and girls being used as weapons in areas of conflict. This is as a result of a motion presented by Girlguiding's delegation on the rights of girls internationally.

No More Page 3 - the delegation successfully put forward a special motion calling on the British Youth Council to support the No More Page 3 campaign, to remove pictures of topless women from The Sun Newspaper. We believe that Girlguiding's support for the campaign was an important factor in the campaign's success.

Meet our British Youth Council Delegates


Victoria, 23, Scotland

Victoria, 23, Scotland Victoria is passionate about body confidence and how women and girls are represented in the media

'I joined Girlguiding's British Youth Council Delegates to amplify the voices of girls from across the UK at a national level. I'm particularly passioante about doing this for girls and young women from my region, Scotland. I want to help to influence positive change in society for women!'

Grace, 14, Midlands

Grace, 14, Midlands Grace is passionate about: girls in sport, diverse representation of women in the media and tackling exam pressure.

'By being part of the British Youth Council Delegation and sharing my opinions I hope that I can draw attention to the views of young people, in particular young women and girls. I want to emphasise the importance of listening to everyone's voices.' 

Caitlin, 16, Reading

Caitlin, 16, Reading Caitlin cares about: Sexual harassment in schools and gender stereotyping in the media

'Young girls face so many barriers as they grow up in society. It's so important we speak out now to make a positive difference.'

Katie, 18, Worthing

Katie, 18, Worthing Katie is passionate about empowering young women and girls to speak out

'I am passionate about taking the opportunity as a British Youth Council Delegate to stand up for what I believe in, and encouraging other young women to do the same! I proudly identify as a feminist - and want to raise the profile of what I think it means to be a feminist: advocating for women's rights, on the grounds of the equality of the sexes.'

Gwen, 17, Cymru

Gwen, 17, Cymru Gwen is passionate about supporting arts subjects in school and equal opportunities for young women

'I want young women to know that they can have a chance to use their voice to create change by being an example of this. I hope that during my time as a delegate I can inspire others to challenge the issues they feel are wrong and feel that they can make a difference to society.'

Emma, 16, Londonderry

Emma, 16, Londonderry Emma cares about: LGBT rights and the representation of women

'Speaking out as delegates, we show how young women and girls can make difference in today's society.'

Izzy, 16, Anglia

Izzy, 16, Anglia Izzy is passionate about: gender equality, the representation of women in the media and youth participation in politics.

'I love being a British Youth Council Girlguiding Delegate because I get to be part of an influential group of young women who all empower and support each other. I feel so lucky that as a young person, I am given the chance to make a change in the world and be a voice for young women everywhere.'


Elena, 17, Lancashire

Elena, 17, Lancashire Elena cares about: Body image and religious discrimination

'Speaking out about issues that you're passionate about is the first step to making a change. Being a British Youth Council delegate is an amazing way to get my voice heard.'

Rio, 16, North East

Rio, 16, North East Rio is passionate about: bullying and discrimination and young people’s mental health.

'I’m passionate in standing up against bullying and helping young people with their mental health. I believe that we should be able to live in a world where our young people don’t have to suffer silently, and I hope that  by being a British Youth Council Delegate, I can help with that.' 


Amy, 21, South West

Amy, 21, South West Amy is passionate about: body image and young people's mental health.

Being on the delegation means representing and giving a voice to all girls and young women on a national platform where we can make a difference. "I raise up my voice, not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard" - Malala Yousafzai - I particularly love this quote!