Evie speaks out for equality

Find out how Evie earned her Speaking Out badge and changed Horrible Histories for the better

14 June 2019

When Evie, 9, heard a line in Horrible Histories that picked on girls she knew she had to do something about it. So she wrote to the BBC and they agreed to change the episode! Find out more about how she did it. 

What did you do for your Speaking Out badge?

I made stickers saying, ‘Equality is the Best Policy’ and I gave them out to people who signed my petition. The petition was about equal pay for women and women not to be picked on in TV shows. It’s not fair for women to be paid less if they are doing the same jobs and it’s wrong for TV shows to pick on girls because it makes it sound like it’s not good to be a girl. It’s great being a girl! I asked people to sign the petition if they agreed that these things were important. I also wrote to the BBC to complain about a line in a Horrible Histories TV show.

What made you want to write to Horrible Histories?

I heard them say that Vikings were like great big girls because they wore make-up, had baths and picked on easy targets and that made me cross because it sounded like they were saying that girls weren’t strong.  I thought if we wrote to them, they might stop putting lines like that in shows and acknowledge that it was wrong.

How did you feel when you got the letter back from the BBC?

I felt excited when they wrote back because it showed that they acknowledged it and did something about it. When I got the letter, I felt like I had a voice and I could use it to change things. Even though we’re just kids, it’s important to know we have voices and can use them.

What do you like best about Brownies?

I like going on Brownie Holidays and how we have pen pals in other countries. The activities we do are fun and exciting and different from the stuff I do every day. Our leaders are supportive and helpful and I look forward to going every week.

Which interest badges would you like to do next?

I just finished my Baking badge but the next one I’d like to do is Space.

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