Our Guides are really excited about our next PGL trip

Find out how 1st Binfield Guides are preparing to go to PGL Marchants Hill in Surrey, as leader Sue shares all

Sue, leader 1st Binfield Guides
24 September 2018

I read a flyer about PGL, took it to Guides and here we are years later going to a PGL weekend every other year.

There’s lots of PGL centres and we have one near us. I was worried because all our local primary schools do a PGL trip in year 6 now - but the Guides told me they wanted to go again!

It’s a much more relaxing weekend for leaders

There’s no cooking, cleaning, activities to run or equipment to buy. We can just enjoy being with the girls and share their experiences. The accommodation is great, and we’re made to feel special. The ‘groupies’ - PGL activity staff - are really popular with the girls and collect them for meals, tell them where to meet and generally make our lives very easy. They entertain them and teach them new games.

I’m so lucky to have a great group of leaders

They help on all our holidays. So all I had to do was check what dates they were available, ring PGL and sort out a provisional date. PGL was very helpful and made it so easy to book.

The girls are always excited to go away – even if new ones are a little apprehensive (or their mums are!)

They love the activities even if they say they’re not going to do an activity when they first see it. With a little gentle encouragement from their friends and instructors they go on to achieve, which gives them a great high. They also love deciding who to share a room with and the added excitement of getting to know their friends better. There are great arguments about whether the loo light should be on or off – they learn how to compromise!

It’s easy to fundraise

We do easyfundraising, help at fun run and cycle rides and hold family fun evenings. The funds raised are mainly used to cover additional leaders' costs and costs such as first aid, so we don’t have to charge the girls more. PGL offer a free place for leaders for every eight girls that go. We take a deposit from the girls and then give the parents the option of paying monthly or in one lump sum. If any parents can’t afford it we sort out a way in which they can.

It’s really easy to prepare for the trip

It’s really easy to organise. Just remember to fill in the various forms, such as the Residential Events Notification form (which needs to be completed 12 weeks before the trip), permission and health forms and organise what the girls will be doing at PGL. PGL is always helpful on the phone and do their best by reserving spaces whilst you get final numbers. I’ve always found them to 'go the extra mile' if you have a problem. 

This term we’ll be letting the girls choose a friend they want to share a room with and going through the kit list so they know what to expect. Parents are used to us going away and are used to filling in forms. They raise any questions with me on a 1:1 basis. They’ll be bringing the girls themselves after school so will see the facilities and where we’ll be staying.

If you do your own PGL trip make sure you read the small print (there might be extra benefits!)

We didn’t realise that leader’s own children get a discounted price when we first booked but have taken advantage ever since.