Girls' poems inspired by Earth Day

Girls share how they feel about the environment in poems inspired by Earth Day

11 May 2021

From litter picks, to recycling, there are many ways girls in guiding have been planet protectors and taken action to care for the environment.

To mark last month’s Earth Day, many joined in with the activity to write a poem inspired by the theme Restore our Earth.

If you haven’t already done so, you can still run the activity with your unit. Ask them to think about the focus of their poem. What’s most important to them when it comes to protecting our planet? This might be animals, pollution, conservation, their carbon footprint or changing one thing in their lives to have less impact on the planet. Once the poems are completed, why not encourage them to enter Blue Peter’s Our Planet Now competition. The winner will see their words animated by Aardman Studios.

We loved reading the different poems and seeing what girls had to say about the environment. You can read some of them below.


Our Earth is our home

We need to change our tone

Animals’ lives are being lost

The ice is starting to defrost


We need to protect our land

So give us a helping hand

Before it is too late to save

Maybe if everyone starts to behave


Our Earth is our home

We need to change our tone

The lack of bees

And the pollution in our breeze


We need to protect our land

So give us a helping hand

We need to fix this mess

Before everyone is in distress

Libby, 1st Brindle Guides


The world is suffering,

But no-one is bothering.

Now is our time to be kind

And be grateful for what we have.

We can make better choices,

Choose paper not plastic.

Reuse, recycle and keep our world tidy.

On your own it’s not much,

But together we are mighty.

Yorkley Rainbows and Brownies


Future generations won’t exist and the animals are dying,

We need to have more kindness and trust

Not selfishness and lying

Seren 2nd Coleford Guides


Earth is our home

All of us have a responsibility

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Try to travel less

Harvest our own food


Don't waste fuel and water

And please be kind to animals

Yes we can do it together

Lily 2nd Coleford Guides


The Earth is round,

The Earth is sad,

We need to take care of it and not treat it bad.

Pick up the litter,

Pick up your rubbish,

So the Earth is grateful.

Freya 2nd Coleford Guides


Everybody has to help our Mother Nature

A group of people can make a huge difference

Respecting the Earth is how it needs to be

Together we could change the future for all

Help protect our generation

Nuala 7th Didsbury Guides