Wellies and Wristbands round-up

Catch up on all the fun with some of the best tweets from the weekend!

Stevie, Girlguiding digital team
10 September 2019

This year at Wellies and Wristbands we had lovely weather, amazing activities and a whole lot of fun!

Libby, 14

Libby, 14

This year was my second time going to Wellies and Wristbands. It's an amazing opportunity to meet new Guides and Rangers with similar interests in music and activities. My favourite activity was the inflatables, we spent so much time challenging and racing each other! For anyone thinking of going next year, I would just say to try all of the opportunities that are offered such as outdoor activities, media takeovers and band meet and greets!

There were bumper cars...

A giant inflatable water slide...

In fact, there were so many activities going on we can't possibly mention them all!

There was dancing

There were lasers!

And of course, there were bands!

And we still found time to make plans to change the world...

...and clean up after ourselves!

Wellies and Wristbands 2020

Tickets will be on sale soon for Wellies and Wristbands 2020!

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