Why the world needs more diverse leadership

With the support of Girlguiding's Action for Change programme, Adeola's campaigning to increase the amount of BAME women in leadership

Adeola, Action for Change
05 June 2018

Out of all the FTSE 100 companies, only 7 have women as the CEO.

The lack of women in high positions - especially young women from BAME and disadvantaged backgrounds - is very important to me because it doesn’t reflect diversity. If young people are not encouraged now to aspire to be in such roles, it may be too late in the future.

I started my project Uplift TNG to help young people network with professionals in various sectors - young people who otherwise would not have had that opportunity. Having been someone who once struggled to obtain work experience in the past, it can be very hard to climb up the career ladder without support.

Girlguiding's Action for Change has really helped me to collate my thoughts and projects together. It has allowed me to break down my goals and meet other people who also want to make change. Action For Change is a year long project in the community where members of Girlguiding have the opportunity to develop a campaign they are passionate about. It has also provided me with resources as well as a mentor with regular checkups.

What I'm doing to make a change

There is still a lack of women in sectors such as technology and my event Uplift: H.E.R aimed to encourage young women to think about future careers. At the event were women in the technology, political, medical, charity, science and business sector. The aim was to show to the attendees that regardless of their background, they can not only enter such sectors but also succeed in them. 

A recent study found that only 3.4% of Britain’s most powerful and influential leaders are from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background, with only 0.7% being BAME women. If young women are not encouraged now to become future leaders, such statistics will not change any time soon.

I held the event on International Women’s Day, a yearly celebration that takes place on the 8th March. It is a day when women from around the world can come together and celebrate the achievements of women. This year’s theme was about ‘Press For Progress’. Women have made progress in terms of being able to vote and work in the same sectors as men but there is more that needs to be done - hence we need to “press”, continue, strive for greater equality. This was the reason for the Uplift: H.E.R Event.

My aim in the future is to create more opportunities for young people aged 11-19, such as workshops and mentoring. I also want to grow my team and reach out to more communities. To know more about the project or to join the team please visit: www.uplifttng.co.uk and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at: @UpliftTNG.

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