We braved the elements at Sparkle and Ice

Jessica and Hannah share the frosty fun from the extreme winter camp, which takes place at three of our national activity centres

Jessica and Hannah, Rangers
20 February 2018

Cold, wet and windy - but a great first experience of camping in the winter!

Sparkle and Ice had it all, great volunteers and all the activities that you would want to take part in to keep you occupied - and warm.

The volunteers always had a smile on their face which made it that bit more enjoyable! But what made Sparkle and Ice special was that it wasn’t just for the girls. Leaders could take part and enjoy the activities as much as the girls did. 

Zooming down the zip wire

One of our favourite activities was the zip wires. There were two to choose from, we went on both. We enjoyed the double zipline the best as we got to race down it with our friends! The volunteers made us feel safe by having a harness done up by a volunteer at the bottom of the zip wire and then it being checked before we go.

We also really enjoyed the crafts. There were a variety of activities from friendship bracelet making to paint dotting and making your own badge! The craft room was definitely one of the activities that we enjoyed most and always wanted to go back to, it was a great way of interacting with others!

Keeping the cold out

If anyone is thinking about going to Sparkle and Ice next year and wasn’t sure about going, we would highly recommend it. Even though it was cold there are plenty of indoor activities like crafts and cinema to warm you up, but make sure to bring plenty of layers! We would also recommend that you bring small tents rather than big tents so you can keep the warm in at night.

It was a great experience for our newly formed unit and will definitely be going again next year!