Sewcial distancing – where have you sewn your badges?

Check out the #SewcialDistancing challenge across social media and share the stories behind all your badges.

22 April 2020

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a stack of beautiful badges ready to be stitched in place one day, when you have the spare time.

Maybe you even got half way through once, and just need that extra motivation to finish it off… this new challenge from our members could be exactly the push you need!

So many girls and volunteers from guiding around the world are using the extra time at home to work through their backlog of badges, stitching down a new badge each day and sharing brilliant photos and stories on social media with the hashtag #SewcialDistancing.

We loved this idea so much we shared it as one of our activity of the day ideas, and it’s been great seeing so many pictures of colourful badge collections.

Long-ago events, well-earned awards and memorable moments all make an appearance. Whether your badges cover a camp blanket or get displayed on a sash, you’re sure to find some inspiration from our members posts. And don’t forget to share the results!

Some highlights from the hashtag

Seems like the perfect way to relax during this time at home - we look forward to seeing more excellent pictures from guiding around the globe.