Our mission is critical as we adapt for recovery

30 July 2020

30 July 2020

A statement from Angela Salt OBE, CEO of Girlguiding

“We are collectively living through a global crisis. Like many other organisations, Girlguiding’s activity and services have been badly hit. Our deficit is now over £4 million and we anticipate there could be further losses in 2021. We are acting now to secure the long-term sustainability of Girlguiding.

“The staff at Girlguiding are committed and passionate about our mission and the work they each do to help girls thrive and support volunteers. We are deeply saddened that we are in this difficult financial position, like many others as a result of the impact of Covid-19, and are now having to take cost saving measures to sustain us for the future. We are not alone in the charity sector in needing to make valued staff redundant and reduce costs.

“Our members tell us about the positive difference we make to their lives. We remain committed to offering those nearly 400,000 girls and young women the life-changing opportunities that the best of guiding brings, and to supporting our volunteers. The safety and wellbeing of our members in guiding and the value they get from their membership remain our priorities as we enter this stage of recovery from Covid-19. We are proud of our robust safeguarding procedures which underpin everything volunteers and girls do in guiding and we will protect resources for this and other key functions.

“We will continue to innovate and adapt in how we deliver the fun and adventure we are known for in this different context – such as through virtual guiding and meetings outdoors. And we want to extend that to even more girls at a time when there is greater need through recovery for the support, fun and friendship, skills and confidence, and adventure that guiding offers.

“We are hugely grateful to our current funders without whom we would be in a far worse position today. We have been working with funders, and with government alongside other organisations, to seek critical investment so that this generation of young people aren’t left behind and disadvantaged by the pandemic. We are particularly concerned about the disproportionate effect on girls and young women. 

“We look forward to recovering, to rebuilding, to forging new partnerships with funders and others who share our values and our commitment - to investing in a bright future for girls and young women.”