Our favourite activities of the day

We've rounded up our favourite activities we've shared on social media in the last 15 months

08 September 2021

Over the past 15 months we have been sharing lots of fun ideas on our social channels to help keep everyone entertained. 

We’ve covered all kinds of topics and girls and volunteers across the country have taken part. Now we’re coming to the end of our Activity of the day series, we’ve pulled together 40 of our favourites together in one place, so you can access them whenever you want. We’ve separated them into different categories – creative, wellbeing, active and skill, so you can find an activity to suit different circumstances.  

It’s completely up to you how you want to use these activities – but here are some ideas: 

  • Share a selection with girls on your waiting list to get them excited about joining your unit. 
  • Set a challenge for girls to complete a certain number during holidays – perhaps you could give out our Adventures at home badge to those girls who complete the most. 
  • Got some time at the end of a meeting? Some of these activities would be brilliant time fillers! 
  • Choose some to set as a weekly challenge at the end of each meeting – who can complete it before the next meeting?  

These activities don’t count towards the Theme awards, but they’re great fun as a little extra alongside your programme activities! 

Indoor soft toy safari

Create a photo diary of your soft toy having lots of adventures. Maybe they'll go into the jungle (in the garden or a with houseplant), or sleep somewhere they shouldn't. Get creative and give your soft toy an adventure! Share your photos with your unit and see what your soft toy got up to.

Self portraits

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Pasta shells for a nose, buttons for an eye, or a cushion for your ear? Create your own household object self portraits - not using any art supplies (so no pens or paint!). Be creative with the things you have at home and turn your everyday objects into a masterpiece!

Shadow stories

Look to your left, look to your right - what do you see? It's time to transform your household objects and toys into shadow pictures and create an adventure story board for them. Grab some of your favourite things and take them outside or to a sunny spot through the window. Position them on some paper and draw around the shadows. Now it's time to get creative - what could the shadows be doing? Could they be animals of the deep rainforest scavenging for food when all of a sudden they find a mystical beast? Or maybe they're architects designing new world cities? Let the shadows decide!

Girlguiding story along

Join in with the Great Girlguiding story along. Fill in the gaps to create your own exciting story adventure. Why not share your stories with your unit and see what amazing creations you all came up with. Start it off: 'There once was a __ who __. Suddenly __ but then ___.' Why not carry the story on: 'They met a __________ called ______. Together, they decided _______' or 'I was so excited to open the door and meet ___ so our adventure could begin.'

Emoji challenge

What's your favourite film? Can you guess what they are when someone describes them using emojis? Get some inspiration, add your own and share with friends to see who can crack the codes. 

Recreate a photo

Do you have any favourite photos at home from years ago? Or perhaps a favourite scene from a film with your favourite characters doing something silly? It's time to get in character and recreate your favourite snapshot! Get yourself into character and get dressed up, grab some props and strike a pose. How much can you bring your snapshot back to life?


Poster advert

Ever think about how great it is that you’re a part of Girlguiding? Think more people should be part of it? Create your own posters to shout about how great Girlguiding is to girls and adults. Don't forget to include the information about how to sign up.

Doing good turns

When you join Girlguiding you get the very special chance to make your Promise. Part of our Promise is to help other people. Think about what good turns you could do today. Can you think of a way to keep track of your good turns?

Sunrise to sunset

Have you spotted any beautiful sunrises or sunsets? Challenge yourself to take a photo of both in the same day, from the same spot to compare.

Dear future me

Leave a secret message to your future self. Jot down something that you're proud of, or something that will remind you how amazing you are. Hide it somewhere in your house to find the in the future. It could be in a week, month or maybe a few years later if you're really good at hiding!

Thank the community

There are so many people to celebrate right now. With our friends at People's Postcode Lottery, we'd like to celebrate everyone who's making a difference. Think of a group of people in your community who are having a positive impact and create a masterpiece to tell them how great you think they are! Maybe you’ll make a big thank you sculpture out of things in your house, take a happy photo or video, or create something entirely unique. Maybe you’ll celebrate your local hospital staff, supermarket staff, care workers or another group in your community.

Like us, players of People's Postcode Lottery believe in supporting and celebrating their communities, having raised over £500m for charities and good causes, including Girlguiding.

Yesterday's quiz

Put together a quiz about things which happened yesterday - it could be in the news, sports, entertainment, TV, or something from your own life. Who was paying attention and will score the most points?

As the clouds go by

Go cloud watching! On a warm sunny day, find a nice sport in a garden or park where you can lie down and look up to the sky. What can you see in the shapes that drift by? Make up a story using the shapes as inspiration.

Positive messages

Leave three positive notes around your home brighten your day. For instance a joke, a funny face and your favourite inspirational quote. Why not leave some more notes for other people you live with to brighten up their day too?

My favourite things

In difficult times, its important to remember all the great things we do have in our lives. What are five things that you are thankful for? Take a photo or draw a picture of each thing and put them all together to create a gratitude book.

Pamper time for a loved one

If your family needs to stay inside, it can be tough. Show someone in your household how much you appreciate them. Plan pamper time including their favourite things. You could run them a bath, bring them a tea and set up a comfy sofa space. Who in your home deserves a break?

Phantom friend

It's secret treat time! Can you treat someone in your house for a whole day without them realising it's you? Transform into their phantom friend and make someone feel special for a day. You could leave them a little note on their pillow telling them one reason you think they're great, or make them a cup of tea in the morning. See if they figure out who their phantom friend is, and how big a smile you can put on their face!

Points of pride

You're amazing and it's time to recognise why! Write down three things you're proud of yourself for. It could be that you drew a really good picture, you said something kind to your friend or you've just tried something new. Do this every day for the next week and recognise how brilliant you are.

Supporting charities

There are loads of amazing charities out there doing fantastic work. These might be international working with different countries, national across the UK or local to you. Do a bit of research and chat with your friends, family or unit about your favourite charity and why you think what they do is so great.

Screen blackout

Feeling screen fatigued? You're not alone. We're all spending a lot more of time online - whether that's for school, Girlguiding or work. Challenge yourself to do something fun away from the screen every 30 minutes - it might be solving a puzzle, doing star jumps, decorating biscuits or build a tower. You could do the same thing throughout the day, or try a different action every time.


A-Z scavenger hunt

You'll be amazed what you can find around your home! Try and find an item for every letter of the alphabet. If you get stuck create an image of what that letter could be. Share your findings with your friends - what weird and wonderful stuff will you discover?

The big Girlguiding dance party

When you hear the beat, do you feel the rhythm in your feet? Pick your favourite cheesy pop song and throw your own dance party! Why not film yourself and teach others your dynamite dance moves. 

Faces in places

Faces can appear all over the place. From a coat hook to the doors and windows of a house. Look out for as many faces in places that you can find.

Funny walks

Invent a new funny walk and challenge your family or friends to join you. Whether that's being as slow as a sloth or as fast as cheetah, making yourself plod like an elephant or taking some of your favourite TikTok dance moves to the next level!

The silliest world record challenge

Challenge yourself to create or break the silliest world record. Can you build the highest cushion tower? How many star jumps could you do in three minutes? Think carefully about what you're doing and whether it's safe, ask an adult if you're unsure.

Indoor floor swimming gala

Get your unicorn floaties ready and gear up to host your own swimming gala. But how can you swim with no swimming pool? Easy all you need is a floor and some imagination - instead of swimming you can slide, crawl, and hop - the crazier the better. Come up with your own dry swimming strokes. Get your competitors ready and let the games begin.


Snack Olympics

Fancy a tasty snack? Pick fruit, veggies, biscuits or crisps and compete in your own snack Olympics! Grab a small amount of different types of your snack - for example a banana, orange and apple. Put little bits of each snack at different stations - smell, taste, crunch and texture - and see if people in your household can guess what they are using different senses. No sneak peeks allowed! Just make sure to wash your hands before you prepare food, check for allergies and have an adult with you.

Musical statues

Freeze! Get someone in your to play musical statues with you. At random points throughout the day, they're going to call out different objects and animals, and when they do you've got to get in character and become a statue of that word, all when you least expect it. Maybe you'll be an elephant at dinner or a sandwich at bathtime!

Girlguiding sing-a-long

'When I was one, I sucked my thumb'. 'The day I went to sea...' What's your favourite Girlguiding song? Teach it to someone else in your home or to your friends over the internet.

Obstacle course

Jump! Roll! Hop! Let’s get moving in an outdoor obstacle course. Grab some items from around your house and build an obstacle course for you to run through. Challenge your friends and family to see who can complete it the fastest.

Nature survey

There's a big wide world out there, and you might see a lot even looking through your window. Spend some time looking outside today and draw or take photos of what you spot. Perhaps you see lots of pigeons, trees, funny shaped clouds or people walking by. Make a montage of your day from your window and share with your family to see if they saw the same things too.

Alphabet game

Alphabet game! Pick a topic, for example animals. Taking turns, say an animal that begins with the next letter. Alligator, baboon, cheetah... Keep playing until you've found every letter. Once you're done, pick a new topic and play again. World cities, food, clothes? Where will the alphabet take you?

Learn a different way to communicate the Promise

Have your taken your Promise? How did you communicate it? It doesn't matter if you haven't yet, why not spend your time off discovering what it is, or if you have already why not discover our British Sign Language or Makaton versions. Learn how to sign the Promise.

Cookbook recipe challenge

Turn your home into a restaurant, a cafe or even a cake shop. Create a menu and get cooking or baking your family or friends' favourite dishes. Make sure to wash your hands before you cook and have an adult supervise. Be careful to check for allergies before you cook and share with other people.

Sunflower power

Grow a sunflower! Sow some seeds and see if you can grow a big sunflower. Perhaps you could ask other people in your street or building to get involved too and spread the joy.

Chef contest

It's time to channel your inner chef and hold a cooking competition. Everyone come up a with a dish you want to cook, and decide on a scoring system, and get hosting some dinner parties. You can score on taste, presentation, how easy were the ingredients to get hold of, was there any dinner entertainment? The kitchen's your oyster! Make sure to check for allergies, wash your hands before you cook and have an adult supervise you.

What activity will you do next? Will you unleash your inner artist, get moving or maybe learn a new skill!