Five things to do to get ready for Sisterhood in the Wood

Our first ever online pantomime: Saturday 5 December, 4pm

24 November 2020

Brought to you by children’s theatre company, Join the Dots, Sisterhood in the Wood is a tale of excitement, fun and friendship.

We want it to be an interactive experience for the whole family, so we’ve made some activity videos you can follow along with to get you prepared for the show! We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!

1. Get those feet moving!

We’ve choreographed a special dance for everyone to do together during the show. If you learn it in advance, you could even be in the pantomime! Practice the dance, then play the music and film yourself dancing. You can be creative, add your own moves or even wear a costume! Don’t forget to get any family members involved too!

If you’d like to share a video of your dance, check with someone aged 13+ and send to [email protected]

Remember to check out the YouTube description for our top tips to make a great recording!

2. Warm up your vocal cords

The amazing Jess and Zoe from Join the Dots haven’t just choreographed a dance, they’ve written a whole new song especially for the pantomime! If you want to belt it out as loud as possible on the day, take a look at this video where Jess and Zoe teach you the song line by line. Get practising!

3. Gather ingredients to make your perfect s’mores

S’mores have been a classic campfire treat for years! Pick one of our three tasty versions of s’mores from this video to chomp down whilst watching the show. Be careful - as soon as you’ve had one, you might want s’more!

4. Snuggle up in a winter den

What’s even better than watching a pantomime? Watching a pantomime in your own winter den! This video will show you how to build one using things you can find around your home. We’ll even show you how to make a massive paper snowflake to hang up in your den!

5. Set a reminder!

You can watch the show either here on our website, or via our YouTube channel. If you’re watching via YouTube, subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to get an alert when the show starts!