Becky Allen from Waddow Hall gives us the latest

We caught up with Becky Allen, Centre Manager at Waddow Hall, about all the exciting changes taking place at our Activity Centres

24 July 2017

Whether you’re a regular at our activity centres or you're thinking about your first visit, take a moment to get up to speed with our exciting changes.

There have been a lot of amazing changes at all our Activity Centres over the last two years, from building upgrades to brand new activities. Becky tells us about what's new at one of these centres, Waddow Hall in Lancashire.

Fencing, caving and more

In the last couple of years, we’ve brought in fencing, improved our water offer and we have a new artificial cave system which girls love to explore.

Another thing we’ve brought in is bush-craft. This covers survival skills, lighting and making fires, shelter building and knife work. Whatever your age or ability, there’s something for everyone.

If you haven’t visited recently, you’ll immediately notice the changes to the grounds and buildings.

We’ve had upgrades in the main hall and bedrooms as well as new furniture and facilities. You'll see improvements in the self-catering buildings, and you can now use our food service if you’re staying there. If you arrive late on a Friday night, we can cook for you, even if you’re not staying in the main hall.

We've got new activities on site, like the exciting high-ropes course, and have been able to buy a permanent marquee with electricity and hard floor, with the help of the Friends of Waddow. You can hire this for activity days or events.

How to book your adventure

Like everything at Waddow Hall, we tailor the booking process to your needs - just give us a ring! It’s all more affordable than you might imagine. 

Talk to us about what you’d like to do on your visit, and we can put together a programme of activities for you. We guarantee it will be fun, engaging and right for your budget.

Licenses are required if you are staying under your own leadership, but you can attend our events - including the infamous Wellies and Wristbands, Magic and Mayhem and Sparkle and Ice - without a licence.

Find out how to contact us.

Less well known are our smaller events, such as theme weekends, activity days and badge days. If you see an event that you can’t make, pick up the phone and talk to us! We can often arrange another, similar event to suit you.

My favourite activity at Waddow Hall

The one I enjoy watching the children take part in is the Crate Challenge. It’s a high-ropes activity. Some of the children are building a tower of crates, some are climbing it, and some are in control of the safety. The challenge is to build a tower as high as possible.

It engages with the most abilities in one session. You can really see a difference between the start and finish; their confidence grows, and the teamwork is great.

I’m also a huge fan of archery. It’s the first activity I ever got a qualification in. It was my badge of honour, and so it sticks in my mind.

For leaders too

It’s important to remember every activity is available to every individual. Leaders can take part in everything; if they want a high-adrenaline bit of fun, the zip wire is always a good one!

We hold leader events around the year. It’s our 90th birthday this year, so we have a big birthday bash in September. It’s a great opportunity for adult volunteers to visit and enjoy beautiful food, entertainment, and our exhibitions about Waddow Hall and Girlguiding.

We also have leader training events and leisure breaks for adult volunteers. You can come for fun, engagement and make new friends.

Over two weekends you can come and gain your Going Away With Licence with us, we make it as simple and easy to achieve as possible.

Life changing adventures

The whole reason I work here is that I used to enjoy adventure holidays as a Guide and Brownie myself.

To come back and be a part of delivering that to other people is a major bonus, pleasure and a joy.

Without Guides, I wouldn’t have achieved what I have in life. I try and remember that when working with Guides; the adventures they come on are impacting them for life.

Around the country

Don’t forget that Waddow Hall is just one of Girlguiding's four Activity Centres located across the country. We have already begun investing and making a difference at each of these centres.

Whether you are seeking adventure on the new high ropes course at Blackland Farm, fancy a geocaching challenge in the heart of central London at ICANDO, or trying to get to grips with the Traverse wall at Foxlease, there is something for everyone.

Find out more about the centre closest to you.