10 things I learned backstage at the Big Gig

Girlguiding member Eleanor, 21, had VIP backstage access at 2016's Big Gig! She gives us the lowdown.

Eleanor, 21, member of The Senior Section
08 July 2016

Time with Jess Glynne, tips from Matt DeFreitas and chatting badges with all the acts

1. There is so much food – not only was there full catering, but the press room was bursting with a never ending supply of sweets, crisps and popcorn. MiC Lowry would definitely win the award for most snacks devoured during our interview. If they could only have one midnight feast item at camp, it would either be Kinder Buenos or Ferrero Rochers.

2. Sometimes rumours are true – shortly after arriving in the press room we heard the rumour that Mark Wright was somewhere in the venue - it was true! He was working on a special project backstage during the afternoon performance. It will be showing on TV soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

3. BB Diamond used to be a Guide – she was in guiding when she was younger, but only for one day! She had to move shortly after.

4. Our acts are well connected – sometimes it's hard not to be nosy. Matt DeFreitas has Esme Denters number. Lawson probably win this round though, Justin Bieber once called while they were on stage performing at Wembley. According to Lawson, 'you have to answer the call of the Biebs', the audience thought it was great, their tour manager wasn't as impressed though.

5. The Big Gig is as loud as a One Direction concert – according to BB Diamond. Calum Scott had never seen so many flashing bunny ears at once and said he loves to perform live because of the connection you get with seeing the audience (and you could definitely be seen). Matt loved it so much he could do it every day! Fleur East couldn't believe how big it was and Imani reckons it was as big as the Summertime Ball.

6. Fleur has a plan – if she could be anyone for the day she would be the Queen. She wants to open up the palace and have a massive festival full of parties and music.

7. Jess Glynne loved performing at a girl-only gig – she told us backstage, 'Supporting things that give women the right to be strong is really important to me.'

8. Matt's top tips for YouTube success – 'consistency is key, keeping an upload schedule or regular videos is a must if you want people to keep coming back.' He also said to make sure you're doing something you really believe in and are passionate about, as people can usually tell!

9. Lawson have some interesting badge ideas – they couldn't quite all agree on one, but they included a sky diving badge and a bear fighting badge. Matt would have you write a song or learn an instrument to get his badge, Imani wants to see us make our hair as big as possible (it would be a lion badge!) Fleur would have a volunteering badge - she'd love to go into schools and give something back by helping kids discover their talent and confidence.

10. Imani rode a horse for her first video – Say You Do, which was filmed in Jamaica. She would love to go to Hawaii and dreams of doing a gig on a beach. MiC Lowry fancied playing somewhere hot too - Rio!

So that's another Big Gig wrapped up, I hope you all had a great time - though I know you did, we could hear the screams and applause from the press room! We'll hopefully see you all another year.

Thank you to the PR Team who looked after us on the day, the Mac Twins for some amazing interviewing tips and to all the acts for being so chatty, it made my first job as a spokesperson a lot less nerve wracking.

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