UK units in need grant

If your unit is based in an area of deprivation or struggling financially then we can support you

How we can help units without much money to thrive

We want all units to have the opportunity to get involved in guiding events and experiences - no matter where they're based or what financial challenges their local area is facing.

Who is eligible?

This grant is for units who are:

  • in deprived areas
  • experiencing financial difficulty.

We consider a unit in need to be one that exists in an area with:

  • high unemployment
  • high crime
  • inadequate housing
  • lack of services for example schools or shops
  • natural disasters - such as flooding

Your unit must have been operating for at least one year before making an application to this fund.

How much funding is available?

Your unit can receive up to £250. We assess all applications for funding on an individual basis.

One application per year per unit can be made.

What does the funding cover?

The money you receive can be used to cover:

  • small items of equipment
  • unit resources
  • providing transport for members of the unit to a guiding event
  • purchasing uniform for young members
  • support towards costs of a trip or residential for example entry fees.

Unfortunately we can't consider applications for:

  • membership and subscription fees
  • transport to and from unit meetings
  • ongoing running costs
  • debts
  • start-up costs for a new unit - instead you can apply for our Starting a new unit grant.

Making your application

You'll need to submit a copy of your most recent unit accounts with your application form.

Application form

Download this form to apply for the grant.

Apply now