We took part in one of the largest mass participation artworks ever created to celebrate a centenary of women's suffrage

We joined the procession

We teamed up with Artichoke to offer units the chance to take part in PROCESSIONS - one of the largest participatory artworks ever created.

What happened?

On Sunday 10 June 2018, thousands of women and girls formed four epic processions in the four political capitals of the UK – Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London. Given green, white or violet to wear, together they created waves of colour to celebrate the centenary of women’s suffrage. Green, white and violet are the colours of the suffrage movement whose initials stood for “Give Women Votes”.

The event was organised by arts organisation Artichoke, who work with artists to create extraordinary and ambitious public art. 

In the lead up to PROCESSIONS, units were invited to make banners, pennants and flags that express the lives, ideas and hopes of women in the 21st century. And then carry these with them at the event on 10 June.

The creations formed part of a nationwide artwork as artists, charities, groups and individuals from right across the UK took part too.

If you couldn't make one of the PROCESSIONS events, don't worry. We hope you’ll find Artichoke’s toolkits and activities useful if you’re talking about Vote 100 with your unit, attending a local event or making your own display. 

How to get involved 

1. Make a banner

Get together with your unit to design and make a banner, pennant or flag that represents you or your unit. You can download free toolkits from the bottom of this page.

These activities have been designed by arts organisation Artichoke to help groups, like Girlguiding, get involved. The resources pack is aimed at leaders of groups with young people aged 7-15, with extension activities for older ages.

Creating a complete double-sided banner is quite an undertaking and will take several sessions or require a separate day to complete. There are also some great ideas to make flags, poles and pennants. These can be created in a unit session, will be easier to do with younger girls, and can even be adapted to work with a Rainbow unit.

Each toolkit provides full instructions, costs and suggested timings. These are just a guide and can be made cheaper, for example, by using second hand clothes or donations.

2. Help us spread the word

We would love for you to tell us how you took part or share the banners you've made so why not use the hashtag #PROCESSIONS2018 and tag us on social media.

Creating a living portrait of today's girls and young women

PROCESSIONS will be a living portrait of women and girls in the 21st century. Capturing the spirit of the moment, it will commemorate the past, celebrate the present and look to the future. 

As women continue to win more power and opportunity in contemporary society, we invite you to come and help us put women centre-stage. Join us for a joyful, inclusive celebration that will be remembered for years to come.