Our Vote 100 asks

We want girls and young women to know how they can engage with democracy and politics - and have their voices heard

Girlguiding is calling for equal representation for women in politics and an improved political education system so girls and young women feel engaged in a key part of society. As an organisation, we work hard to engage all young women in politics, from our Girls Matter campaign to our voter registration push during the 2017 General Election. - Girlguiding advocate Sophie, 20

The change we’re calling for

We want to guarantee that women will be equally represented in the UK Parliament. We're asking each party to promise to set a target for an increased number of female MPs in their parties by 2020 and do what it takes to meet it.

Why it’s so important for girls

Girls and young women should have the opportunity to participate in politics and democracy and have their voices heard on the issues that matter to them now and in the future. They have told us that they want to see more female politicians and they want politicians to better understand the needs and issues girls and young women face today.

It's great to see that the largest number of women ever now sit in the UK Parliament in Westminster (208 seats, which is 32% of the total in 2017) and that increasingly the diversity of MPs reflects the diversity of our community.

However, more needs to be done.

I’m inspired by strong women in politics who aren’t afraid to defend their opinions and stand up to others. - Girl, 17, Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2017

What we know

Our 2017 Girls’ Attitudes Survey  found:  

  • 57% of girls aged 11-21 don’t think politicians understand the issues girls and young women face today.
  • 43% of girls aged 11-21 say having a female Prime Minister or First Minister makes them feel inspired that they could be a leader.
  • 64% of girls aged 11-21 are worried about what Brexit could mean for their future.
  • 58% of girls aged 11-21 think the voting age should be lowered to 16 for all elections.

In 2016 our survey found:

  • 76% of girls aged 7-10 feel encouraged when they see a woman doing a job they want to do.

And in 2014 we found:

  • 67% of girls aged 11-21 say there aren’t enough female MPs.
  • 63% said girls’ voice would be listened to more if there were more female MPs.
  • 57% said more diversity among politicians would encourage them to be more interested in politics.