Support resources for the new login process

Everything you need to start using Girlguiding’s improved login process

09 April 2024

Today on 9 April, we introduced our new login process – a single set of login details, and more secure way of accessing GO and the learning platform.

You'll now be able to log into GO and the learning platform using the same login details. We’ve put together a selection of resources to help you start using this new process.

How-to video

Take a look at our how-to video, which will support you with everything you need to know about logging into GO or the learning platform. This video covers logging in for the first time and different methods of verifying your identity.  

Login guidance

We’ve updated the guidance on how you log into GO. The process for logging into the learning platform is now the same as logging into GO.  

Support call recording

Throughout February 2024, we held 3 support calls for county GO coordinators, commissioners and trainers. These calls were to walk through the new login process and answer any questions volunteers may have. If you weren’t at one of these calls, you can catch up by watching the recording below. The recording contains a demonstration of the new login process, as well as a Q&A session.  

Step-by-step slides

Look at our step-by-step slides, which cover how to use the new process for the first time, and the different methods of verifying your identity. You may like to consider using these slides if you’re planning on trying the new process with a group.

Extended membership systems team operating hours  

If you have any questions which aren’t answered in these resources, you can contact our friendly membership systems team by email at [email protected] or by phone on 0800 999 2016.  

The team are available by phone Wednesday – Friday 10am – 2pm.  

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