New interest badges coming in 2025

Create your own badge design and join our testing pool

03 July 2024

Look out for 72 new interest badges coming to girls across all 4 sections in summer 2025. 

You heard that right – we're working with members to double interest badges across Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers. That means 72 new interest badges in total! 

Don’t worry, we’re not getting rid of the current badges. Just adding to the collection! 

New badges will be available from July 2025 when we’re celebrating programme’s 7th birthday. 

Why are we making more interest badges? 

Did you know interest badges are the part girls enjoy the most about the programme? We promised to review our programme after 5 years. When we did, we listened to the voices of volunteers, girls, parents and carers who told us what they did and didn’t like about our programme. 

We heard girls when they said they want more interest badges so we’re working with members directly to give them more of what they love. 

Read your thoughts about our programme. 

Get involved by creating your own interest badge 

We’ve already heard lots from you about what interest badges you want to see. But we want to hear even more! 

To get involved, complete our new topper activity to create your own interest badge.

A topper is a stand-alone activity that girls can do at home or with you in their units. Toppers aren't a part of the core programme so they can be used for any occasion!

  • Design what your dream interest badge looks like.
  • Write down what it’s about and why you’d like it.
  • Write down the 3 challenges you’d have to complete to earn it. 

All your ideas will help inspire what we create in the future.

Download the free topper

Get girls to fill in the template and post it to Girlguiding at 17-19 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0PT addressed to  programme team. Or email [email protected]. You have until 30 November 2024 to send us your designs.

Remember, girls can now do interest badges in their units as well as at home. Girls told us they enjoy interest badges even more when they complete them with family and friends, so they can do them with whoever they choose! 

Read more about what's next for programme.

Check out what Sally Kettle, our assistant chief guide did

We recently joined Rainbows, Brownie, Guides, Rangers and adult volunteers at Glow 2024 – a big activity day for all sections in Girlguiding South West England! 

We were there running dream designs (our uniform design workshop) and asking everyone to design their ultimate interest badge. We had so much fun seeing everyone's amazing ideas.

Sally went to Glow with the girls in her region and got involved in our topper activity. She came up with the idea of a 'decathlon' badge that celebrates the sports event made up of 10 different athletics activities like long jump, shot-put, 100 meter sprints and more.

Sally's idea explains this badge could be for Guides and Rangers to try new sports. The challenges could be:

  • To research a sports event happening near you.
  • Try a certain number of sports. It could be running, bowling, swimming or whatever you want.
  • Challenge yourself to commit to your favourite!

Get the idea? Take a look at some of the badges girls thought of...

See what badges girls are creating

We let girls' imaginations run wild... and one created an imagination badge! This idea could have you crafting your dream animal, home or whatever else springs to mind.

Another idea was a decorator badge which challenges girls to understand style, aesthetic and create items to decorate a comfortable and useful space.

Or what about code breaking? This interest badge idea gives girls the chance to understand a code by reading and trying to break it! After that, they could go on to design a code of their own. 

Try out the new interest badges 

You can sign up to our testing pool to try any new activities. This gives you the chance, both as leaders and girls, to feed into what the new activities could be. 

We’re already looking at how we can make any new activities less like school whilst making sure it complements what girls learn in all aspects of life – whether it’s in the classroom or on a Brownie holiday.  

Our testing pool helps us to keep making sure we’re creating new activities and badges that feel exciting to girls so our new badges are fully co-created. 

Join our testing pool to try new programme activities. 

Questions you might have

Girls told us they wanted more interest badges – so that’s exactly what we’re doing.  

We’ve been listening to what volunteers, girls, parents and carers have to say about the programme in lots of different ways: 

  • Last year we asked you what part of the programme girls enjoy the most, what they want more of and how we can best support volunteers to plan and deliver the programme. 
  • We’re working with Amplify, our youth steering group, to hear what they want to see and be a voice to represent what girls want in guiding. 
  • We’re working with members in our testing pool to hear what they have to say and to test the new activities. You can sign up now. 
  • By encouraging you to get involved in our activity to create your own interest badge. It's the quickest thing you can do now to make your voice heard! They’ll influence what we create in the future.

Look out for more ways to get involved when we launch them in 2025.

No, we’re keeping the current range of interest badges the same for now. We’re simply adding to the collection with 72 new ones across all sections. 

You’ll be able to get your hands on the new interest badges from July 2025. The same time as programme’s 7th birthday! So you’ll have them before the new term starts in August and September next year. 

We're creating a small, printed badge book addition for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. Rangers told us they also wanted a printed book, so the new badges will also appear in a mini badge book for them too. This means you won’t need to spend extra money on replacing a badge book you already own. You can simply add to the one you’ve already got. 

We’re planning to merge both badge books and update it to our new branding in 2026. Handbooks will also be updated then too.