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We launched our new programme in July 2018 and we’re still working hard to create even more unit meeting activities!

But we can’t do it without girls' and volunteers' input. So now we need you to put the new activities to the test to make sure they're accessible, fun and relevant.

What is the testing pool?

The testing pool is a big group of units across all regions, who help us test new activities. The input you give us is invaluable in creating exciting activities. We’ll ask you to try out new ones, explore their limits and tell us honestly what works and what doesn’t.

What do I have to do?

If you’re selected to take part, you'll be contacted by email. Once we’ve got a reply from you, we’ll send you information to help you run the session in your unit and gather feedback.

You’ll need to provide feedback electronically to specific questions within a set timeframe.

If you’re unable to take part in the testing when we contact you, don’t worry! Your unit will remain in the testing pool for as long as you would like it to.

If you sign up and your details change, or you no longer wish to be part of the testing pool let us know at [email protected]

We’ll be using the testing pool at regular intervals – so if you don’t hear from us straight away, don’t worry we’ll soon be in touch.

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It’s simple. We need the information you share with us to run our exciting activities and to satisfy our legal responsibilities. We’ll keep it safe for as long as you're an active member.

We promise we’ll only share your information if: 

  • You ask us to 
  • The law requires us 
  • In order to comply with our policies so girls can enjoy an activity safely
  • We carry out market research 
  • It’s in the public interest 

Don’t worry – we’ll never sell your data or share it for any other reason. 

Girlguiding is the registered data controller (the organisation that manages and looks after your data) for all our members’ personal information, both in the UK and around the world.  

Want to find out more about how we use your information – and your rights? Take a look at our privacy policy