Join our programme activity testing pool

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We're looking for units to help test new programme materials

Last year, Girlguiding set out its five-year strategic plan and made a commitment – both to volunteers and staff – to deliver a bright future for girls and young women in guiding.

Our promise is to get even better at what we do, and at the very heart of this is our programme offer. Having girls' input will ensure that our programme is accessible, fun and relevant to all members.

What is the testing pool?

The testing pool is a big group of units from across the UK, BGO and Branch Associations who we can contact throughout the year while we're developing new activities.

Join the programme activity testing pool

Join the programme activity testing pool

Join the programme activity testing pool

Since early 2015, the Youth Programmes team has been conducting extensive research into what our existing programme does, what it should do, and how we can better support girls and Leaders to get the most out of the guiding programme.

The input our members have given so far has been invaluable, and now we need your help to turn their exciting ideas into reality. We'll ask units in the testing pool to try our new activities out, explore their limits and tell us honestly what works and what doesn't.

The 10th Penarth Brownies testing the In a fix activity

What's involved?

We'll be asking Leaders of units from all sections to use one meeting to try out particular activities.

Due to the nature of testing, we will ask you to do it quite quickly.

If you are selected to take part, you will be contacted by email no later than the week before testing to confirm whether you're still available to help. Once we've got a reply, we'll send information with detailed instructions for how to carry out the activity and gather feedback from girls. There will be an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on the activity too.

You will need to provide feedback electronically to specific questions, and will have a window of two weeks to complete testing and submit feedback.

Once your unit has taken part in activity testing, their details will be removed from the pool for the time being, to allow others to play their part in this process. Depending on the number of units who join the testing pool, you may be contacted again in the future when we have new activities to test.  

If you're unable to take part in testing at the time we contact you, but would like to be involved in the future, don’t worry. Your unit will remain in the testing pool and may be contacted again in the future.

If you sign up to the testing pool and then your details change or you decide you no longer want to be involved, that’s fine too - just email [email protected] to let us know. 

We will be using the pool at regular intervals over the coming year - so if you don't hear from us for testing straight away don't worry! 

Apply now

Want to be part of the programme activity testing pool? Please register your interest filling out this short form just once - making sure your contact details and membership number are correct. If you have any questions, or would like further information, please email [email protected]