Our programme activity testing pool

How you put our programme through its paces

Thanks to each and every one of you that signed up to the programme testing pool

Since 2015, we've been giving all units from across the UK, British Guiding Overseas and Branch Associations the exciting opportunity to sign up to the testing pool. The pool was created to help us test out all the new activities we’ve been creating for the new programme. We had an overwhelming number of units, girls and parents sign up to help us out, which is great, because we really needed you – to be exact, over 5,300 units and over 11,500 individual girls and parents signed up.

We asked testers to try out our new activities, explore their limits and tell us honestly what works and what doesn't. The input you have given us has been invaluable, and we’ve been working hard to turn your exciting ideas into reality.

We’re so proud of the new programme we have developed in collaboration with you. Thanks for all your help! We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new programme coming soon!

Take a look at the great fun members have had while testing the new programme.

We will continue to develop lots more activities to add to the new programme. So watch this space for how you can be involved.